DownloadManual compex mi sport pdf. Get file I don t understand why people argue about the fact that Windows Phones most of the time are underpowered. Mi-Sport. Marque: COMPEX. Disponible sur Expédié sous 24h. Performance, mi-Theta , mi-Theta , Rehab , Runner, Fit. Sport. . manual (show as PDF); 1 User guide for electrode placement (show as PDF). Cables for the Compex electro stimulators built after July mi-Sport, mi- Fitness, Performance, mi-Theta , mi-Theta , Rehab , Runner, Fit. Sport.

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After a period of using the Disuse atrophy treatment, as soon as the muscle shows signs of a slight recovery of volume or tone. For competitive athletes practising a discipline that requires strength and speed Stretching: This site uses cookies.

Compex mi-Sport User Manual

To rapidly recover a feeling of well-being Reviving massage: From the onset of rehabilitation for non-atrophied muscles. For athletes who, on account of injury, must interrupt or limit their voluntary plyometric training sessions For athletes who wish to increase the quantity of plyometric muscular stimulations without risk of injury To reproduce plyometric work on muscle groups for which this type of work is difficult to achieve voluntarily deltoid, latissimus dorsi, etc.

To be used to begin with in order to tone up and prepare the muscles before more intensive firming work Shaping: For competitive athletes who wish to increase their capacity to sustain intense and prolonged effort Strength: For optimum muscle preparation immediately before competition Regeneration: Fill in this form, you’ll be informed as soon as the product is available.


In the period before competition, for those participating in endurance or resistance sports As a supplement to a programme in the AESTHETIC category To improve endurance in those whose fitness level is not high Cramp prevention: Delivery tomorrow at home before 1. Compex Compex SP 6. Particularly recommended before using the Hypertonic fo Hypertrophy programmes Muscle starter: In stock, start today In manula to this technological revolution, Compex mi-Sport meets the expectations of sports enthusiasts at all levels with its advanced ergonomics.

For orders delivered in France.

Your place of residence. To remove the feeling of heaviness in the legs arising in unusual situations standing for long periods, heat, hormonal imbalance linked to the menstrual cycle, etc.

Analgesic current specifically adapted to persistent low back pain lumbar region Lumbago: Analgesic current specifically adapted to persistent pain in the elbow Low back pain: Treatment to combat any reduction of muscle volume: Compex Fitness Fit 5: In stock, start today. Twinny load Twonav – u.

Mi Sport 500 + 29€ (coupon)

To contrast effectively sensations of fatigue and localised heaviness Toning massage: An item was added to cart. Maintenance promotions New Products. Features The stimulator A battery charger One set of electrode cables blue, green, yellow, red Electrodes: I accept the conditions of use.

For athletes who wish to improve their performance in long-duration sporting events Explosive strength: All acute or chronic localized pain Thoracic back pain: Heart Rate Monitor Wireless Computers. Set of 4 cables for MI-Sport To be used when the firming phase is finished Vascular Capillarization: At the end of rehabilitation, when 50 muscle has regained normal muscle volume. More information Decline cookies j’accepte.


Mi Sport + 29€ (coupon) – Compex – XXcycle – en

Analgesic current specifically adapted to persistent pain in a joint, as in osteoarthritis and rheumatism all joints in the limbs except the elbow: To combat recent and localized muscular pain Endorphinic: The ideal preparation for using the other Fitness category programmes Aesthetic Muscle firming: Analgesic current specifically adapted to sharp and sudden low back pain lumbar region Lumbosciatica: Accessories Car Rack Accessories Repair Stand Manjal Visibility Bags accessories Biking shoes accessories Bottle cages accessories Bottles accessories Cable brakes accessories Cameras accessories Carriers accessories Cassettes parts Child bike seats accessories Clipless 50 accessories Clothing accessories Computers accessories Cranksets parts Derailleurs parts.

SPORT To improve and accelerate the muscle recovery after an intensive exercise To be mi-sprot during the first 3 hours after each session of intensive training or after a competition Concentric: The “massage” category includes 3 new programs.

For athletes practising a discipline in which explosive strength is an important factor in performance Fartlek: