Akbar introduced a new system for regulating imperial services which was called Mansabdari system. It was introduced in A. D. All the. MANSABDARI SYSTEM Discuss the evolution of Mansabdari system under Akbar. The Mansabdari system was introduced by Akbar and as a system and. Mansabdari System was a system introduced by Akbar for military administration and territorial commands (grant and revenue) to sustain parts.

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Mansabdari System of Mughals and Rajasthan

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This measure had been introduced so that the mansabdars did not exploit the people in a high-handed manner. The Mughals also welcomed Persian. The system, hence, determined the rank of a government official and also other military generals. It was introduced in A. Your answer has been posted systme

During the early reign of Akbar, the lowest grade was ten and the highest was 12, Each horse bore two marks; one of govt. Shah Jahan reduced the number of soldiers kept by a mansabdar.

A mansabdar with a rank of 5, got a salary of 30, rupees per month, one of 3, could get 17, rupees, while a mansabdar of 1, got 8, rupees. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


This meant that there was little opportunity for promotion within the system.

The Mughal Jagirdari and Mansabdari System – IAS OUR DREAM

Log In Sign Up. The Emperor was authorized to appoint anyone as Mansabdar and at any rank.

Abdul Aziz is of the opinion mansabfari while the rank of zat fixed the number of other soldiers under a mansabdar, the rank systme sawar fixed the number of his horsemen. Mansabdari System The mansabdars formed the ruling elite in the Mughal Empire. They had to bring in some fixed number of men-at-arms, horses and elephants to the field and accordingly were rated on the basis of the numbers which was known as Zats. The mansab was required to maintain the whole Mughal army.

To fix the grades of officers and classify his soldiers, he was broadly inspired by the principles adopted by Chingiz Khan. The soldiers had to fight in war and also perform duty of mansabdaru in the state.

Mansabdari System

It was the main institution of the Mughal Empire, which embraced both civil and military sectors of administration. Please Login to post the question. At the beginning of akbar’s reign, rigid rules were not framed in this respect. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat The mansabdari system was an improvement over the systems of tribal chieftainship and feudalism; it was a progressive and systematic method adopted by Akbar to re-organize his army within the fold of despotic monarchy.


Beside soldiers, the military generals maintained horses, camels, bullock carts and beasts of burden as specified by their sawar as a part of their establishment. To get the best experince using TopperLearning, we recommend that you use Google Chrome. The mansabdar paid the salary of cavalrymen that he maintained out of his salary.

The mansabs were from 10, in the beginning but later they were enhanced upto 50, He could enhance the mansab, lower it or remove it.

write a short note on the mansabdari system zp3uda5yy -History and Civics –

But the revenue was realised by officers and necessary adjustments made. Officers were Liable to transfer. Some great Amirs whose ranks were above 5, were also given mabsabdari title of Amir-al Umara Amir of Amirs.

Merit as the basis of selection: Please enter the verification code sent to your mobile number Change Mobile Number. The system was more complex and more manageable with all mansabdars owing direct subordination to the king.

Both civil and military officers held mansabs and were liable to be transferred from one branch of the administration to another.