Maitreyi [Mircea Eliade] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Maitreyia va ramane cartea de capatai a indragostitilor de dragoste, poemul. Note: This is an excerpt. The complete essay will appear in the print edition of Papercuts Vol Heroes and Villains. In the teakwood bookshelf of our old. STRANGELOVE: (From top) Romanian writer Mircea Eliade and Maitreyi Devi and their respective books; actress Maya Morgenstern in the.

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The young man goes to a monastery in the Himalayas for a bit and eventually becomes an important scholar of world religions. And the sound is as muddy as the water of the Sacred Ganges. Maitreyi says she wished she was white, for in India, girls with lighter skin are preferred.

Lectura Audio: Mircea Eliade – Maitreyi

And the system of caste had made it impossible for people from one class, or caste to marry into another. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I am currently reading the ‘reply’ – a book written decades later by Eliade’s lover, then a 16 year old girl.

Maitreyi was a sweet sixteen. But I’m so intrigued to imagine how this book is taught in Romanian high schools. What a love affair. Maitreyi by Mircea Eliade. Cosmos and History and Myths, Dreams, and Mysteries The head of the family is very crossed when he finds out that he had been betrayed, as he sees it.

Heroine of Romanian writer Mircea Eliade’s “scandalous” and eponymous love story, Maitreyi. Which is why it might seem shocking to learn that, as a student, he almost failed three subjects in one year. I completely hated it.

But spirited woman that she was, Maitreyi would have been happy to know how nircea generations of women from Mircea’s land continue to read her in all her fabulous complexity.

The film, Maitryei Nuits Bengaliappeared in When Devi translated her novel into English, she gave a gift to the West that the West hardly deserves. I expected racism, maitrfyi, cultural ignorance and superiority, paternalism and simplification of the other, and I got all those: Much to consider, and as Alain says early in the novel of his love for Maitreyi, he can’t describe it, because describing it will somehow corrupt it, paraphrased here. At one eiade, Bengal Nights and It Does Not Die champion seemingly different notions of romance based on how the Romanian Mircea and the Bengali Maitteyi understand the world around them.


It is one of the rare instances in literature when two protagonists share the same story broken down in the same beautiful moments but seen from two different perspectives.

The unfortunate lady does not know for another 20 years that she has been named by a famous man as his under-aged Bengali sex-partner. She graduated from the Jogamaya Devi Collegean affiliated undergraduate women’s college of the historic University of Calcuttain Kolkata. Two years later she publishes her own English translation. It was right, it was just like it was supposed to happen. Planned Pedanthood I think thoughts Not surprisingly, the beginning of Communist rule in Romania coincided with Mircea’s exile.

Love in The Bengali Night Does Not Die: Maitreyi Devi and Mircea Eliade

In fulfillment of a promise Eliade made to Maitreyi that his novel would not be published in English during their lifetimes [1]an English translation, of MayitreyiBengal Nights mrcea not appear until Do you have a restaurant?

All stories except the Maitreyi story. He worries that Maitreyi is in love with and sexually attracted to the seventy-year old, Rabindranath Tagore, and is desired by her lower class cousin, Khoka.

There were some things I liked but I can’t remember them because I’m too furious. My mother had told me to read the novel by Maitreyi Devi, being a avid admirer of her works. Its most famous jircea is the one in Frenchpublished as La Nuit Bengali in This is just pure trash that I wish I didn’t have to read for school and that it wasn’t presented as the greatest love story Romania’s ever damned seen.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Some may say this is reality: As vrea ca atunci cand ni se preda cartea asta la scoala sa ni se spuna ce om de cacat ii allan, ce abuz de putere face vrajind o fata de jumatatea varstei lui, ce orientalism extrem are in modul in care prezinta cultura indiana ca ceva exotic si primitiv, ce sexist ii modul in care se foloseste de femei si cumva tot el ii victima desi o duce bine-mersi folosindu-se de cine o fi pe cand femeile din viata lui se sinucid sau innebunesc.


Eliade writes about a young English engineer in love with an Indian girl. Perhaps compounded by his love for Maitreyi, he puts India on a pedestal. Eliade was an intensely prolific author of fiction and non-fiction alike, publishing over 1, pieces over 60 years. Iar Maitreyi este pentru eliaee o carte trista, o iubire ideala. Imagine a story like that!

In his academic career too Eliade extensively wrote on the nature of myths and time in monographs such as The Myth of the Eternal Return: Curious about the novel that prompted her narrative, I then sought out Bengal Nights. In hindsight he sets down ,aitreyi story, quoting from the diaries of his disordered days, and trying to make sense of the sad affair. Unknown to her, the object of her youthful infatuation, two decades after the events, writes a novel based on his experiences in Bengal.

Eliade met her in when he travelled to Calcutta to study Indian philosophy and Sanskrit.

Mircea Eliade and the first history of religions

He was not a conscientious student and despised doing his homework. It is not just an interesting love story between a European and an Indian girl, but also an opportunity to think about philosophy, communicating across cultures and the clash that sometimes replaces dialogue.

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