Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder is the fifth and last book in the Leven Thumps series, written by Obert Skye. It is preceded by Leven Thumps and the. In the fifth and final volume of the epic saga of Leven Thumps, all of Foo is rushing madly to exit the realm of dreams while Leven is headed in the opposite.. . Tags: adventure, apocalypse, book review, chaos, fantasy, friendship, leven thumps, leven thumps and the ruins of alder, magic, obert skye.

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The author certainly has a broad imagination, and he deserves a big shout out for even being able to coherently create a dream world that wasn’t horribly stupid to read about. Day 8 Adventure in London: Peven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra First edition cover.

The first book, Geth and the Return of the Lithenswas released on May 9, ; and the second book, Geth and the Deception of Dreamswas released on September 10, Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! Not only must Leven race across Foo to stop the war. Dec 30, Aelvana rated it really liked it.

Will Leven find the Gateway in time? Fate snatches him to the island of Alder, where he is poised to pass or fail the final test. There he learns that the tree wants him to cut it down and plant a new tree.


So, I thought Obert did well with wrapping everything up, including the sub-plots. I suppose that I’m just not good with transitions in stories. Certainly 10 year olds don’t care about such things.

Unbound Magic ex Libris: It is a creative tale about a boy from reality who becomes tangled into the world of dreams; Foo. The powerfully gifted Leven Thumps, once an lader fourteen-year-old boy from Oklahoma, has been retrieved from Reality and sent to stop those in Foo who are nurturing dark dreams and plan to invade and rule Reality.

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He and Dennis both are moving across our world in hope to find a way back into Foo. They can tell that something is wrong when the Dearth, incognito, arrives.

And it was about the afterlife, not a dream world. Yay that Winter has her sycophant back, and that Lilly is not so embittered. Taking over the part of Sabine, he leads the army of rants and other beings set on combining Reality with Foo. This is the beginning of the end.

Stay updated via RSS. It thf the only way to save both worlds. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


He doesn’t introduce any new characters, their backgrounds are never explained and the whole story is just another rehash of the first book.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I waited the whole book for her to do something spectacular, but nothing ever happened. To me the way a book ends can really make or break the story. Well, Winter just might hold the answer to everything.

I believe he is just as clever as J. Would have liked more reminders of what happened in earlier books, but I found it interesting thumls Obert had some pretty good metaphors.

Leven Thumps and Ruins of Alder

Winter is thirteen, with white-blond hair and deep evergreen eyes. Book Five I would rate five stars too, but you’ll know why I didn’t in a moment. I had fun reading about Leven and friends and their adventures in Foo.