Le Visiteur, nouvelle d’Anton Tchekhov parue en Théâtre[modifier | modifier le code]. Le Visiteur, pièce de théâtre d’Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt (). Le Bâillon est une courte pièce en un acte d’Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt parue en Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Théâtre Tome 1 – La Nuit Des Valognes – Le Visiteur – Le Baîllon – L’ecole Du Diable, Paris, éd. Albin Michel, 16 septembre by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, directed by Guy Mignault In “Le Visiteur” won three Molières (Paris’s Tony Awards)–Best Play, Best Author.

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The conversation between Freud and God is facetious and exquisitely insolent. From hard-to-believe fiction to a meditation based on established facts, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt lures us along precipitous pathways.

The idea started to grow in me and I visiteu with it for several years. Is he an escaped lunatic? Is this merely a dream? Schmitt’s elegant, poetic language is beautifully captured by translators Michel Didier and Liz Merrill, who also directs. Sana rated it did not like it Nov 08, It also means that everyone listens to opinions that are not theirs. It would miss its aim, which is to offer something to think about as well as to feel.

Le Bâillon — Wikipédia

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. A new playwright, some amazing actors and enthralling dialogue.

His most famous book is God Exists: Refresh and try again. So much the better eri us, since we become the privileged witnesses of a duel of minds between an absorbed, tense Dr Freud, who uses reason alone to argue and this total stranger, who wields a devastating sense of humour.

The scene is set at Freud’s home in Vienna on the worst evening of the scientist’s life. Which of the two is responsible for so much chaos? Quotes from Le Visiteur. Ahmadi N rated it did emmanuwl like it Sep 05, Drawn by the increasing rumours, journalists came and wrote wonderful reviews.


Sana rated it did not like it Visuteur 08, Is it God who for the love of man has granted them a total but foolish freedom, or Freud who, out of sheer lucidity, has always tried to convince people to become atheists? Or is he really, as he claims, God in person? Lists with This Book.

The most amusing section of the play is when Freud, assuming the Visitor is demanding a private session, tries to psychoanalyze him with no success. In short, how can we believe in God at the end of the 20th century during which so many slaughters have been so methodically arranged? God lying on Freud’s couch.

Want to Read saving…. Schmitt tries to suggest he may be an escapee from a mental institution or a figment of Freud’s imagination, but he doesn’t allow us to maintain these doubts long enough efic create any ambiguity.

Finally, it was the turn of the TV and radio people. Glen Charles Landry’s design for Freud’s emanuel is not only very attractive but also highly imaginative. To begin with, it was hard to get an audience and then, when people learnt it was free, the house started to fill up. Schmitt covers a emmxnuel of themes in his work. Toronto’s first experience of his work was the Mirvish production in of “Enigma Variations” starring Donald Sutherland that later travelled to London.

A lunatic escaped from an asylum, a mythomaniac, a joker or even a secret agent sent to compromise him? Schmitt’s Almighty in a tuxedo appears so powerless before the foolishness committed by His homo sapiens, that He deserves our total indulgence.

Le Visiteur

Several months later, thanks to the persistence of my two friends, thanks to the curiosity of a stage director and to the enthusiasm of a producer, The Visitor was at last put on. Paperback60 pages.


But you can find it if you read the text very carefully. A popular contemporary French author and dramatist, his plays are translated and staged in more than 30 countries all over the world.

Le Visiteur by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt (1 star ratings)

Also, the presence of Nazis and mention of Jewish persecution and death camps in a play with the tone of a boulevard comedy may strike some as trivializing the subject. Unlike the best plays of ideas, “Le Visiteur” does not leave the audience with much to ponder at the close.

I wrote the play in total solitude, in answer to some private need, and I thought it so intimate, so personal that I could not think it would ever be appreciated by anyone other than my most obliging friends. Defiantly optimistic, he refuses to sign the papers which will let his family escape. I kept silent, apparently out of modesty, but really because I was cowardly and overcautious. What a treat for both mind and soul.

The Visitor

Everyone is at liberty to choose. In philosophy, we call this ‘theodicy’ to put God on trialand we do it every day: God or a madman? To doubt, to change your mind, to pass from hope to despair, not to know is no weakness: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Schmitt tries to convince us by showing Him in flesh and blood. After two months, the house was full every night. But one night his emmanue, daughter Anna is taken for questioning by the Gestapo – and a visitor in evening dress arrives in his study.

Ma l’angosciata solitudine non dura molto: Mina rated it did not like it Dec 05,