Download Palmistry For All by Cheiro containing new information on the study of the hand. Cheiro wrote several books on palmistry, numerology and related. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Everyone knows that “the face can wear a mask,” that a person may be a good actor and put on a certain expression that may deceive even the.

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Palmistry for All by Cheiro

If this mark is found on a long hand the object of the ambition is certain to be connected with intellectual power over people and absolute determination palmisyry accomplish whatever the purpose of the career may be. The date of this start towards the Line of Fate will be given on the Line of Fate itself, right opposite where this kior begins to grow from the Line of Life.

In this case the [Pg 19] subject is the slave of his imagination and generally does erratic and peculiar things or can only work in moods of the moment. When these lines are seen ascending towards or on the Mount of JupiterPlate X. During palmishry career, he was celebrated for using these forms of Cheiro was a pseudonym for William John WarnerNovember 1, – October 8, who was an Irish astrologer and colorful occult figure of the early 20th century.

But when the Marriage Line ends in palmisty long, gradual curve into the Heart Line, the death of the partner will come about by gradual ill-health or illness of a very long duration. This curious formation has been called the “Murderer’s Thumb” because so many who have committed murder in a mad fit of passion have been found with this curious formation.

Palmistry: The Language of the Hand

If, on the contrary, the lower line was the more developed on the right hand, then the subject, if a man, had developed the imaginative or artistic qualities of the mother, and vice versa if the subject be a girl or a woman. This did happen after a woman took care of him during a serious illness. This is the reason why, when the Mount [Pg 41] of Venus is large and wide papmistry the hand, it gives rise to the idea that it indicates a more passionate animal nature than when this mount is thin and narrow.

As its name implies, in character it denotes a robust and rather fighting disposition, a person naturally inclined to rush into dangers and quarrels, and if deeply marked and reddish in colour it increases all indications of accidents and dangers shown on other parts of the hand. From the centre of the Mount of Jupiter, the Palmitry Line gives more moderation, but also great ideality, and is one of the best of the variations of this Line that we are about to consider.

It is generally found on short, thick-set square hands or short hands, but when found on a long, thin, and narrow palm, it indicates great vitality and [Pg 46] resistance to disease, a nervous, highly-strung, and rather irritable disposition.

Madan Khaneja rated it really liked it Sep 29, An island in any part of the Plain of Mars indicates a period of great difficulty, loss in one’s career, and [Pg 60] in consequence, generally loss of kirk 3, Plate XIV. They have as a rule, simply bright, happy, sunny dispositions if this line is marked on their hands, and they go through life as in palmiatry dream, and their dreams are to them the only things that matter.

Although one may never be able to explain why it is, this line undoubtedly appears to indicate at least the main events of one’s career. When the Line of Fate only makes its appearance far up in the centre of kuro palm, in what is called the Plain of Mars, it indicates a hard early life and that the subject must always have a hard fight to gain his ends; but should the Line ascend pxlmistry and strongly from the Plain of Mars and have a branch to or on towards the Mount of the Sun, such a person will be the architect of his ppalmistry fortunes, and without help or assistance will win success and fortune by his own personal hard work and merit.


When the Line of Life is found with a number of ascending lines, even if they are small, it denotes a [Pg 42] life of greater energy; and the dates at which these lines ascend from the Line of Life may always be considered points at which the subject has made a particular effort towards whatever may have been the special purpose of his destiny at that moment. It may be found on the hand even at the moment of birth, clearly indicating the class of Fate or Destiny that lies in the far distant future before the individual.

If many of these islands are marked it generally palmiztry a still greater tendency to blindness and weakness of the sight. For all we know, every deed in our careers is the result of some such mental change, and as there are kkiro super-sensitive nerves from the brain to the hand, it may then follow that such changes and subsequent actions in our lives may be written in our hands even long years in advance.

In the first case it indicates a naturally more delicate constitution, and less force of animal magnetism. You will be amazed how well he or she will make rules and regulations and see that they are obeyed; but beware, Mr. As the student of anatomy can build up the entire system from the examination of a single bone, so may a person by a careful study of an important member of the body such as the hand, apart from anything superstitious or even mystical, build up the entire action plmistry the system and trace palmiztry effect back to its cause.

Such persons live for themselves, and care little whether those around them are palmistfy or not.

In this way it will be seen that a study of the hand becomes a far more accurate guide than the study of the face. In this latter case, curiously enough, it often paomistry that the person had at that period of his life become more wealthy or prosperous, [Pg 28] and so he was able to develop the artistic side of his nature.

The why and wherefore of such things may be impossible palmiztry fathom, but there are so many mysteries in Life itself that one more or less does not seem to matter.

Palmistry for All by Cheiro – Free Ebook

The longer the thumb, the more the power of will rules the actions; the shorter the thumb, the more brute force and obstinacy sways the nature. It may know how long palistry force will last, when it will be exhausted, and consequently may mark the hand long years in advance. Such a man, however, could be depended upon in all positions requiring personal mental work, research, science, literature, philosophy, educational work or, in fact, anything relating to the higher qualities of the mind.

Experiments were made as to these vibrations, and it was proved that, after a little study, one could kito detect and recognise the crepitations in relation to each individual. For instance, Cheiro says that breaks on the Head Line “generally indicate some fatality by which the person’s head is injured,” page 34 and that having breaks in both Life Lines almost always means shortened life page 5.

When the Line of Head looks light or faint on the left, and strong and clear on palmistrj right, the student can safely state that the subject did palmistr inherit any strong mental bent from either parent, but has cultivated and developed his own mentality.


Such persons I have always found possess greater intensity of purpose than any other, but I have never found it a very happy mark to possess. If very badly marked they denote that in the latter part of life the subject may be disposed to insanity proceeding from a worrying disposition, koro often from the overstraining of the mental faculties.

It is reasonable to assume that it is this intimate connection with the vital organs of the body which enables it to foretell the length of life from natural causes. This malformation is much seen in the hands of thieves or criminals who are likely to commit any crime for the sake of money.

This other Line of Head with islands indicates the character that will be more likely to be excitable and fly into a temper and kill other people. There are hundreds of facts connected with the hand that people have rarely, if ever, heard of, and I [Pg 2] think it will not be out of place if I touch on them here.

It is often found with one line joined to the Line of Life and the other pwlmistry from the Mount of Jupiter; if such is the case, the interpretation kirro be that one [Pg 32] side of the nature is extremely sensitive palmisry cautious, while the other is self-confident with a great desire to rule or enforce its mental ideas on the world. If such a mark continues its course and finishes [Pg 53] on the Mount of Jupiter, it is one of the most magnificent signs of success that can be found for that particular aim palmisstry purpose.

Individuals having a “stiff-jointed” thumb, on the contrary, cannot easily adapt themselves to others. Cheiro was reluctant to marry but was aware that he was destined to marry late in life.

Its absence denotes an extremely robust, strong constitution, and a healthy state of the nervous system. Benham wrote The Laws of Scientific Hand Reading, often referred to as the standard reference text in the field.

These marks are classed among the minor lines of the hands, but they often have a significance that is of the greatest importance.

If, however, instead of the curve or bend a fine line is seen leaving the Head Line in an upward directionPlate V.

Cheiro – Wikipedia

It was predicted that a Virgin should conceive and that a Judas should betray, and that both were necessary “that the Scriptures might be fulfilled. From whatever date in the hand the Line of Sun appears, things become brighter, more prosperous and important.

I would, however, humbly suggest that each of us endeavour by knowledge to find what our Fate may be, and like loyal workmen accept whatever the task should prove, and so carry it out klro the utmost of our ability, willing to leave the final result to the Master that thought fit to employ us in the working out of His design.

His sobriquet, Cheiro, derives from the word cheiromancy, meaning palmistry.

When there is no Line of Heart whatever, it is a sign of a cold-blooded, unemotional nature. He will apparently and deliberately control the affectionate side of his nature by his will power, and will stick at nothing to obtain the realisation of whatever his desire may be. In the first place the principal rule the student must bear in mind is, that islands must be considered as showing a weakness in any line wherever they may be found, and are to be considered unfortunate signs.

That very year,was a notable one in his life; his strong-willed action over the Abbas affair was completely vindicated; he was made a K.