Masail e Bahishti Zewar By Dr. Abdul Wahid مسائل بہشتی زیور Vol 01 Vol 02 Vol 01 (9MB) Vol 02 (5MB) Bahishti Zewar Al Bushra By Maulana. Kaleed e Masnavi Complete 24 Volumes authored by Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ashraf Ali Thanvi r.a. This book contains comprehensive. Read Online Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 11 Volume

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How widely Maulana’s work was read is illustrated by the fact that even the satirist Sauda d. Molana Muhammad Saddique Multni.

O leader of sensitive lovers! Sing inside in sweet melody. Sufism Beyond Religion by R. Muhammad Sraaj Ahamd Saedi. She’s burning me masnaavi in the fire of sadness Like the Hindus who burn themselves in fire.

Kaleed e Masnavi

Peerzada Muhammad Toseef -ul-Nabi Mujaddi. All the parrots of India will become sweet-talkers. Sayad Khalid Javed, Dr.

We may say without exaggeration that the Masnavi was accepted as authoritative throughout medieval India. And it hath other titles of honour which God hath bestowed upon it.


Alama Jlal-ul-deen Ahmad Amjadi. Majeed Amjad, Saad Ullah Shah. Thus a number of Sufi lineage goes back to the Prophet through Imam Ali in terms of transmission chain. If you have any question, comment, critique or suggestion, please contact me by clicking the Contact Bo x embedded at the right middle corner. Molana Muhammad Maqbool Ahmad Sarwar. The Book of Love by Coleman Barks. Shabir Hussan Chishti Nazami. In future if I get commentary books, I will try to add InshaAllah. Haroon Yahya, Misbah Akram.

Therefore gold must await the light of day to reveal its authenticity.

Kaleed e Masnavi By Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi کلیدِ مثنوی

Every verse begins with the statement: I’ll look forward to your reply. Sayyad Gulam Samdani Naqwi.

How and why did such a large Muslim population emerge there? Molana mojeeb Ullah sahib. Allama Abdul Mustufa Azmi. Shams Perzada, Allama Yousaf Alqarzawi. Unse aise Kitabei Dekhna Sufi Muhammad Nadeem Muhammadi.

Kaleed e Masnavi | ASHRAFIYA

kaleee He was not only a great lover of art and Persian Literature but also a patron of poets and scholars. Osho distills the essence of Sufism for the contemporary man, not to inform the reader about the state of mysticism but to create the situation in which we discover the mystic within ourselves. With the advent of Muslim rule in India, this poetic form akleed a new home in the courts of Delhi and Deccan Sultanates where it flourished for centuries before they were replaced by other popular poetic forms such as Ghazal and Nazam.


Usually, a Masnavi has no limit in terms of verses and can range from 24 to verses at the same time. His multi-volume collection the Panj Ganj five treasureswith the following masmavi Even the foreigner has to admit that the Risalo belongs to the most touching poetical expressions of Islamic mysticism, and that Shah Latif’s way of blending simple Sindhi folktales with high flown mystical speculations is remarkable.