Kahi Loa is more than a massage technique. Translated it means – Oneness through the flowing of sacred energy. It concentrates on the skin with the recipient . You don’t want to miss this unique opportunity for the Crystal Coast area! Space is limited! Kahi Loa I Saturday noon-6pm and. Kahi Loa II Sunday 9am-6pm. Nov 9, Kahi Loa Ho’okhi (Mana Healing) represents a traditional form of healing that was used by the Hawaiian masters. Kahi Loa means “long glide,”.

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Mobile Uploads photos. This spiritually based form of massage, sometimes called loving hands therapy, represents the best of the traditional spirit of aloha combined with modern wisdom.

Because of this signature gentle touch, Kahi Loa is ideal for those recovering from injuries, as well as elders, or anytime hands-on treatment is not viable.

Kahi Loa – Every day wellness in Christchurch – Kahi Loa

Children were massaged throughout infancy, often into adolescence. Each of these segments corresponds with one of the elements related to Hawai’ian healing and mental focus is on the recipients’ desired state of physical or emotional health, which is affirmed prior to treatment.

Generally speaking, the traditional Polynesian massage found among these island groups shows some variations in technique, but for the most part uses similar stretching, body flexing, and rubbing movements with only moderate pressure, often in conjunction with kaahi soothing use of aromatic oils and hot stones.

A perfectly functioning body, tranquil mind, and vibrant spirit working together harmoniously create the joy and happiness that put the good in good health and the worth into a life worth living. This massage focuses on the skin and energetic bodies, and can be performed fully clothed. The progressively deeper, rhythmic strokes flow directly from one area to the next over the whole body.

According to the principle that energy follows attention, it increases the power of the impact of treatment. Deprivation of tactile stimulation can cause emotional damage in kahhi and lead to behavioural problems, such as extreme shyness, fear or aggression and the inability to show affection.

Kahi Loa is divided into seven segments related to the seven elements kahk Hawaiian shamanism: Combined with proper intent, focus, a peaceful environment, and enhanced with music, its effects can be khi powerful. It was unlike anything else I had come across before and aroused my curiosity; I wanted to know more about it and was told that what I had experienced was a traditional Hawai’ian healing massage called Kahi Loa.


At Miami Medical School it was discovered that prematurely born babies in incubators gained weight quicker and were more alert than those treated conventionally. Kahi is the loq which means oneness, fire, and a light pressure used in massage.

However, depending on their particular lineage or training, some practitioners still retain some of the ritual. Afterwards, I felt very calm and not only slept well for kaji first time in months, but also woke up the following morning feeling grounded, energised and at peace kahj a feeling that stayed with me for days to follow. Touch is also a form of contact, an unspoken, almost forgotten language and most probably the oldest form of communication known.

One client F, 33 used to wake at 3. Healing was viewed as an ongoing process, known to be accelerated and enhanced through living by certain concepts and associated behaviour. Massage or even a slight touch was taken seriously and was considered much more than just an expression of affection or play.

Without them, they were convinced the existence and survival of all living things would be threatened if not impossible. The act of touching is carried out involving the use of our arms and hands. Nature provides us not only with nourishing food and water for the body; she has also provided us with fellow human beings for emotional closeness, which is expressed through tender touch.

Having observed the effects of negative thoughts on the body, healers, physicians or massage practitioners were free of preconceived ideas as to what kind of changes or healing a patient was able to create in his or her life.

Kaih is what she wrote to me two weeks later: Web Development – Logiciel Solutions. It is allways a highly individual and lia personal experience. As hand in hand we walk this Earth, watching the sun rise and set, listening to the song of a bird or the falling rain and rustling of leaves in the wind, smelling the sweet scent of a beautiful flower, that is when we are truly At One with Life.


She joined a homoeo- pathic group practice for three years and tutored students at College, but eventually decided to take time off to reflect on her future path. Because massage therapy accelerates ola various mechanisms, including removing the toxins from the body, it is highly recommended to drink a lot of water for at least 24 hours after each treatment, just to ease and support these all processes.

Massage also affects the skin which gets relaxed and simultaneously gives a signal to the rest of the body to do the same. Symbolically the skin is said to resemble individuality and the ancient Egyptians used kabi hieroglyph, showing three skins tied together, denoting body, soul and spirit. The Hawai’ian belief that Life is made up of seven components is certainly valid.

The Center for Wellness Leadership

And this massage by the gentle touch and some stroking movements over the body, gives the opportunity to lloa all of them. The Wisdom of Paradise in Motion. Since then, I studied and researched the various aspects of this beautiful bodywork. He enriched it with his own experiences, too. In search of this system which was untypical of the many therapies available, my search took me as far afield as South East Asia, Australia and India, but remained inconclusive.

The recipient may also be advised to maintain a healing affirmation or symbol during the bodywork. Through contact with those elements, we harmonize the energy, recharge and purify ourselves. Then asks the receiver to select a specific representative of lox giving element, so khai could performs according to it, shaping the course of the next stage.

Therapist notifies each subsequent element which is being called for cooperation. The therapist unites with the summoned elements and reflects them in his movements and imagination. Untitled Album 1 photo.

The Master Healers had a deep understanding of the workings or laws of Nature and attributed specific functions and symbolic meanings to each of the elements.

Touching and stroking is therapeutic and vital to our physiological and emotional well being.