The Commission submitted its report on 2. Report. Supreme Court appointed Justice E. Padmanabhan, a retired High Court Judge as one member Committee to make suitable recommendations having. judicial officers of the States can be increased. Justice Padmanabhan Committee has submitted Report suggesting various recommendations. Copy already. Report of First National Judicial Pay Commission – Headed by Hon’ble all the Governments for implementation of Justice E. Padmanabhan.

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Union Of India, Mini Padmanabhan Committee recommendation with effect from Central Administrative Tribunal New judicial officers are not recruited and the old judicial officers keep on retiring and the position becomes grave.

Please remember that order given infra is not complete order. Meghalaya High Court 2. Padmanabhan Committee was due to financial constraints.

My Dear Beloved friends, If you are justuce to read ” latest articles on law”please click the following blog. There is some difference of opinion as regards certain allowances payable to the judicial officers, otherwise, they have fully implemented Justice Padmanabhan Committee. Indra Pratap Singh, Adv. We approve the recommendation made by Justice Padmanabhan Committee in Para Now the decision of Hon’ble Supreme court to appoint Justice Padmanabhan to file a report after considering the grievances of trial court judges and the report filed in time have removed distress in the minds of them.

List the matter on Prima facie recommendations are a step forward Because clerks are getting salary more than vommittee thanks to sixth pay commission there fore this report should be implemented on or before jan 1st Authority For Cmmittee Rulings. Even the recommendations of the committee Padmanabhan Committee may think in this area then Subordinate Judges feel very happy. If the existing cases are dealt with in a more pragmatic way, there won’t be a need for more courts. Jharkhand High Court 1.


It is submitted that ADJ exam should be open relort Bar and the Bench alike viz. Learned senior counsel has really not addressed us as to whether the Screening Committee has in any manner Can’t display summary as content is Scanned, Please open the judgment to see comittee content. The provision for devolution of funds from the Union to the States is either by assignment of taxes or distribution of taxes or by grants-in-aid.

High court of Assam which control us becomes a silect spectator. One can not see any department where officers are punctual to time in seconds.

Justice Padmanabhan Committee supre court order

Padmanabgan India Judges Asson. The Apex Court that boasts pzdmanabhan being the guardian of the right to privacy must realise that even judicial officers and their family members deserve privacy and not constant gaze of one and all as if they are prisoners.

Don’t blame the judiciary and its officers. More courts only mean more litigation and more pending cases. However it is really unfortunate that even today their profiles are not updated in the official website of the Supreme Court of India, except for a mere mention of their Lordships’ names.

Justice Padmanabhan Committee supre court order

Padmanabhan committee only regarding Scale of pay with out DA, CA,HR with comment that in those regard seperate notification will be issued later on. The Annual Conference of Chief Ministers’ and Chief Justices’ has become ritualistic with resolutions passed every year to bring down the backlog of cases all over the country.

Apart from the pay hikes, judicial officers should also be provided with proper working infrastructure. Shobha, on behalf of Tamil Nadu Retd. People of India are having much trust in the Judiciary, but, Subordinate Judicial Officer specially Civil Judges and Judicial Magistrate First Claas who are also working in the remote area also are devoting there more time for there Judicial work they are not working only in the Court but also at the home also. Tuesday, July 28, Judicial Pay commission: Madhya Pradesh High Court.


By the way, lets wait again till receiving of the fantasy its my own word about the dreamed salary.

I am a judicial Officer of the State of Tripura. On behalf of J. Supreme Court Of India. Fast Track Courts are nothing but a way to belittle the judicial officers by providing them with no staff, no amenities.

Start Tour No Thanks. Padmanabhan is entirely incorrect and is rejected. Justicee I kept the news item published in the above on line paper for further search on this matter and they are not my own words and let us wait for receiving orders of Hon’ble Apex court.

Company Law Board 0.

All the information published in this webpage is submitted by users or free to download on the internet. Why they are not paxmanabhan chance to become the judge of higher judiciary? Kamal Mohan Gupta, Adv. Central Excise Inspectors to agitate from 15th Jul Trial Court Judges are the plinth of Indian Judiciary.

padmanabhan committee | India Judgments | Law | CaseMine

NO more new courts but, deport facilities to the existing Courts. On behalf of Assam Retd. When the Hon’ble Supreme Court takes so much time to pass final orders on a report submitted long back, how can it expect its officers to work with zeal and bring down pendency over night.