Contiene un ensayo de Elka Fediuk sobre la Organización Teatral de la Universidad Veracruzana. TEATRO O ARTES ESCÉNICAS DUBATTI .. plantea un proyecto a largo plazo a partir de determinadas concepciones de teatro. Jorge Sago. otros tomaron la estafeta y continuaron reinventando el teatro de cada día. Maria Eugénia, Dubatti, Jorge, Dubbelman, Teun, DuBois, Page, Dubrovsky, Martin accused and condemned, accusés et condamnés, ACE/ Teatro do Bolhão Concepciones, Concepcionista, Concepções, Concepções de educação. Buscar una obra de teatro en este blog Teatral: introducción al Teatro Comparado Jorge Dubatti · Casanova Marcos CALZONUDO Y PUNTO!! .. en la Edad Media y concepciones estético ideológicas Jorge Dubatti · Poiret.

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He’ll kill Henry on sight, if he sees him. Soon some of you will be saying: I’m sorry to say it, but you’re not a beautiful woman, Mrs. Everybody’s future is in their face, Nothing easier. Oh, it’s a giant, Mrs. I’ve known him a long while.

Everybody’s at their best in wartime. She is wearing red stockings. I’ll put your eye out. And has given us. The roads are crowded, I hear? Of course, we can’t replace them, so you’ll have to imagine them.


Don’t you say must jorgr me. It’s my fault, too. I wish I weren’t here. War’s a pleasure; do you hear me? Now isn’t it true, Mr.

Antrobus carried you home from that raid on the Sabine hills, he did it to insult me. You’re like our friends, Mr. I’ll make you yell, like you never yelled before. Antrobus and I have been married five thousand years. Henry’s never to put foot in this house again, he says. Did you take a good look at that wheel? All we want to do is test your voice with the alphabet.


There’ll be coffee and sandwiches in a moment. One-thing-and-another; don’t-know-whether-my-wits-are- upside-or-down; might-as-well- be-dead-as-alive-in-a -house-all- sixes-and-sevens. Very well, I’ll go.

There are no dogs left in Excelsior. I know it’s cold. Yes, I have, Henry. Over in Hawkins’ open lot they’ve built a bonfire to celebrate the peace.

Anything that will burn, everybody. Antrobus-take me with you. You’ve had your day.

Everybody’s always getting mad. That’s Gladys and her baby. Of course, I’m alive. Sabina, clear the door, quick. You didn’t make a mistake?


He’s not worth saving. This is just a storm like any other storm. There’s an explanation we have to make to the audience. He’ll kill me, will he? Listen, I’m telling you.

: Equus. Peter Shaffer.

It’s one of the things you do on the Boardwalk. Quick, we’re going into that boat out there.

I wish I were back at war still, because it’s easier to fight you than to live with you. Newark, or Jersey City.

Everybody’s going to be beautiful, he says, and diligent, and very intelligent. Ladies and gentlemen, an unfortunate accident has taken place back stage.