“A small group of powerful individuals are now richer than most of the population of Africa. Just giant corporations dominate a quarter of the world’s. “John Pilger’s work has been a beacon of light in often dark times. The realities he has brought to light have been a revelation, over and over again, and his. The New Rulers of the World has ratings and 62 reviews. Leanna said: 5 out of 5 on a nonfiction book doesn’t mean you agree with every word, but inst.

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An investment decision made in London can spell unemployment for thousands in Indonesia, while a business decision taken in Tokyo can create thousands of new jobs for workers in north-east England. When Pilger adds that Mark Laity – whose reports from Kosovo he deplores – happened to be appointed special assistant to the Nato secretary general, he hopes to insinuate the idea that the BBC correspondent was, at best, prejudiced in favour of the military intervention.

Would be curious to see what my right-leaning and libertarian-leaning friends make of this book.

The New Rulers Of The World

Yes No Report this. Pilger is a monolith of truth, and has been a becon of hope amongst the propagated lies put out by state machinery. A critical documentary about the war on terror since Perhaps he shares it.

It is a counterpoint to conventional history and I require it when I can. Nsw this review helpful to you?

World is full of diseases because of the capitalistic and industrial genocide done by Americans, British and its ally. Sacrificing the comfort of complacency will always be tough, but to keep mum is just not a sustainable policy we can adopt. In this classic book, with an updated introduction, he reveals the secrets and illusions of modern imperialism.


In the right, but irritating

The author has great potential of truth telling and he is also authority from people can get real and true information. Based in London, he is known for his polemical campaigning style: Basically they are the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, two bodies which are the agents of the richest countries on earth, especially America.

GAP has codes of conduct which are supposed to apply to working conditions globally, and GAP representatives do visit the factories, but the workers interviewed say they are warned by management to not tell them about forced overtime. Feb 12, Paul rated it really liked it. The bank presents itself as an economic development agency, focusing on poverty reduction, but in fact, the bank operated during the entire cold war as an institution which distributed money to mainly authoritarian regimes in the third world that supported the West in the Cold War.

Watch on vimeo Turn off the lights. Apr 24, Si rated it it was amazing.

The New Rulers of the World by John Pilger

A year of newspaper and one book of john Pilger has equal truth in it. Points out that codes of conduct are meaningless in a country like Indonesia because worls is high unemployment and terrible poverty, so the people are desperate enough to put up with dismal working conditions, and the government is unwilling to enforce the codes because they want Indonesia to be as attractive as possible to ruoers companies which means keeping labour cheap.

Sep 25, Mubeen Irfan rated it really liked it.

In Praise of Disobedience. Jarecki’s shrewd and intelligent polemic would seem to give an affirmative answer to each of these questions. I much appreciate the essay on Indonesia, oc knowing, for example, the broad outlines already, though.


Pilger concludes with his own prescription: Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. May be I am over subscribing John Pilger by saying this but in current situation newspapers have nothing truth in it.

Learn more More Like This.

The New Rulers of the World

He did this with the support of the CIA, who provided a list of people they wanted dead, and the British ambassador at the time suggested a little shooting was necessary to ease the transition, while British war ships played a supporting role in protecting Indonesian troops. This is what say in whole. In this fully updated collection, he reveals the secrets and illusions of modern imperialism.

If you want a book that will put iron in your spine, take an active role in the world around you and stand up for what you believe in, you need this book!

The author has done remarkable job while pilgfr book like this in which every product is democratically censored including heart and soul of the person. And its not just about the propaganda run by the west rulerrs also by the political factions in your country, often supported sometime intentionally and sometimes unintentionally by the media, feeding us the most contrived version of events that suits them.

The Timor Conspiracy Death of a Nation: In this situation, our real job in the coming period.