A daring beauty will risk everything for love in this thrilling romance in Joanna Bourne’s Spymaster series. Raised as a poor but cunning pickpocket. Bourne’s latest espionage-based series historical (following The Spymaster’s Lady) entices with subtle subterfuge and heated romance. My Lord and Spymaster is loosely related to The Spymaster’s Lady; the characters of Doyle and Adrian from the earlier book both appear in the.

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Mar 28, chanceofbooks rated it really liked it Shelves: The heiress is physically attracted to the captain. There’s an interesting timeline going on in this series where Adrian is a youngish-man in book 1, much older in book 2, and then in spymsater upcoming book 3 he’s a teenager again. What we have here is a rip-snorting good adventure story, with political plot, fighting in the ahd, treason, smuggling, mystery and a shade of romance.

Jess is a pretty spiffy heroine: And the fact that I was expected to buy into this load of crock was pissing me off the more I read!

Again, our hero and spymasted seem to be at cross purposes where each have their own agenda, adding significant complexity to their basic and fundamental attraction. Then one of Sebastian’s ships goes down and a traitor is to blame.

I finally decided to get it off my wish list and order it. Also I don’t much care for Joanna Bourne’s writing style.

Jess Whitby thy name is idiot. I skiped a lot of pages and it is a big deal because I never skim no matter how dull a book is. The Forbidden Rose Kirsten Potter. Sexual tension galore from the moment hero and heroine meet. I noped the fuck out of there because there’s no coming back from that.


Jan 31, kris rated it liked it.

My Lord and Spymaster (Spymasters, #2) by Joanna Bourne

The Best Books of I liked Annique, though she had me scratching my head. Very often it’s the case the heroine is the wittiest one in the room, the only one who is truly capable of expressing and understanding humor and sarcasm. Quotes from My Lord and Spyma She invented a bookkeeping system that beats all the boys’ versions. Everything that I loved about the author’s style in the last book was repeated here, but it really didn’t work for me.

Sebastian is not at all like Jack Seward, but he is there to help Jess out of her scrapes.

My Lord and Spymaster

From that moment on Sebastian feels Jess is his. Other books in the series. Do we know why she thinks that?

The heroine is Jess Whitney, a very complex young woman. There’s a very cute ferret and he may have been the highlight of the story. Impressive by my standards, as I tend to leave a book be after such a long time. She ignores him, walks off and puts herself — once again — in mortal danger. Jess, the heroine, joana she had many a TSTL moment, was clever and intelligent but not exactly replete with bon mots. It certainly hasn’t lived up to the quality of all of the others in this series.

Ridiculous title and misleading cover aside, this was an excellent book. I got all that and could easily picture each individual.

Nov 23, Summer rated it it was amazing Shelves: There’s some good news and some bad news in the answer to that question. This works in some cases, but let’s be real Didn’t object when he stroked her hair and the back of her neck. Before he can get to the bottom of Miss Sticky Fingers, they are attacked. His canny trading and her brilliant management have built them a fortune. Unfortunately, the first book in this series set a high standard: They fall in “love” over the course of about 48 hours, and just about every conversation, at its root, revolves around the hero’s raging hard-on for Jess.

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Jess Whitby needs to prove bourhe father is innocent xpymaster treason by proving that Sebastian Kennett is totes guilty. Most writing and some of the images in this website are copyright Joanna Bourne.

Her actions made no sense to me and even though she was supposed to be some genius mind I honestly couldn’t see it. What does she do?

Website for Author Joanna Bourne

Without a mother to care for her, Jess had to survive anyway she knew how, so the streets became her home and slymaster her career as a thief, The heroine of My Lord and Spymaster is Jess Whitby.

Spymaster 5 A series of sweeping, passionate historical romance Joanna Bourne. In between the fighting and the time it takes for him to bring her to his ship and wait for her to awaken, Sebastian wants to claim this unknown lady as his own. Jun 07, Jazmin rated it really liked it.

I hate, hate, hate it when a heroine is portrayed as some sort of super-heroine and does the most idiotic things.