Jim Arvanitis Resurrects Pankration The First Mixed Martial Art. judo. ancient greek pankration. ancient pankration. bo. grappling technique. Jim Arvanitis is world-renowned as Greek Pankration’s “Renaissance Man” and the Founder of Neo-Pankration, a cohesive blend of the remnants of the ancient. Jim Arvanitis stands out in the martial arts community as a trailblazer and an innovator, one who has dedicated his life to advancing the arts. World renowned as.

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Jim Arvanitis Part 1: The First Mixed Martial Artist

When I first arrived in Los Angeles in to shoot the landmark cover story for Black Belt magazine, the editor wanted to arrange a meeting with Bruce Lee. He taught them hand-to-hand combat in a no-holds-barred style, and also taught them how to defend themselves against knives and other weapons.

Following his recent publication, Pankration: Arvanitis later took an interest in martial arts but rather than studying the more popular Asian styles he opted for Thai boxing muay-Thaisavateand combat judo. His restoration of the defunct sport was first unveiled to the martial arts community in when he was featured in the landmark cover story in Black Belt magazine. Arvanitis was a decorated high school athlete in track and basketball for which he set a city league record for points scored in a single game and in a season.

My talk with Arvanitis lasted well over two hours. In my own head, I am simply a guy with a passion for his heritage and lineage. He is a practitioner Neo-Pankrationa blend of the remnants of the pankration along with elements found in modern sources such as Western boxing, savate arvaitis, Greco-Roman wrestlingMuay-thaiand combat judo. Upon graduating from college Jim married the former Chrystine Gardner.


Jim Arvanitis – Wikipedia

Arvanitis countered by doing a one-armed, two-finger push-up. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Greeks incorporated the pyrrhic dance to help develop rhythm in combat, are there similar exercises you incorporate? Despite his media persona, Arvanitis values his privacy at home. They would come into his father’s restaurant for dinner whenever they were in town to perform, and Jim would eagerly discuss wrestling moves with them at length.

InArvanitis met Jack LaLanne, and the pair got into a one-upping contest to see who could do the most challenging push-up. In many ways the ability to express himself through the written word became as useful as his physical prowess.

I also notice those who are well-conditioned with excellent cardio. As an instructor, Arvanitis was very selective in his students emphasizing quality rather than quantity. Considered as both an innovator and a visionary, Jim was among the first who wrvanitis skills from various systems at a time when stylized martial arts such as karate, taekwondo, and kung-fu were most popular.

By he had assimilated his techniques and training into a cohesive system and began researching the roots of martial arts, especially of his own afvanitis.

Martial arts legend shares no-holds-barred stories | East County | Your Observer

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Retrieved August 14, I like those who bring the true spirit of respect and honor into the cage as opposed to ridiculous WWE antics.

Ayoob was intrigued by Jim’s knowledge of pankration and his diverse skill-set.

It was Arvanitis’ contention that the ancient Greeks were the first to have created a system of integrated fighting skills for use in competition.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Archived from the original on December 16, Provide feedback about this page. Long before the three words “mixed martial arts” were used in that sequence, Jim had created an advanced MMA form with the most effective grappling and striking, combined in a seamless flow that could work proactively or reactively. Pankration from Myths to Modern Times. Are there any current Mixed Martial Artists that have caught your attention and why?


August Learn how and when to remove this template message. He assimilated the best techniques from both Western and Eastern methods that he had studied including boxing, wrestling, muay-Thai, and hardcore judo.

Other accomplishments include two-finger pushups on one arm, doing thumb pushups with his arms extended in front of his head, holding a static pushup position on his thumbs for several minutes, and doing his thumb pushups with his feet elevated on a chair.

In history would be made when he was featured in a cover story in Black Belt magazine. Unfortunately, Jim Arvanitis was the victim of bullying during his childhood.

Languages Dansk Norsk Norsk nynorsk Edit links. He felt the similarities in thinking would make for an interesting discussion. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Get to Know Us.

His students include boxers, wrestlers, martial artists from various styles, professional bodyguards and stuntmen, law enforcement personnel, and military special forces. They teamed up to write a jm article for Black Belt magazine and in it became the November cover story.