The purpose of this website is to present my work as a whole rather than as a collection of disconnected parts. 7 Results Visit ‘s Jeffrey John Kripal Page and shop for all Jeffrey John Kripal Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Jeffrey John Kripal. Authors of the Impossible: The Paranormal And The Sacred [Jeffrey J. Kripal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Most scholars dismiss.

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Jung and Philip K. The first thing to do is to recognize that they happen. Kripal tracks all manner of mind-bending experiences: The Picture in Ireland Art and Literature: An Analysis of Hinduism Studies in America”. For Nygren, agape and eros were alternative kripla that should not be conflated, although as his elaborate survey of the history of ideas revealed, they had been often enough. Eventually, she learned to send herself time-stamped emails immediately after the nightmare so that she had some proof that she actually dreamed it.

Or does it reflect something deeper about the nature of religion? You went on to graduate school. Neither Jesus nor Paul was married. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Beauty, Buildings and the Cretinocracy. Thank you for signing up! The safest thing to say is that he was anything but straight.


That is why I do not think science is our best approach jeffre.

Can you describe what happened? He studied with Benedictine monks for a time as a young man, and entertained the possibility of joining their ranks.

Jeffrey J. Kripal – Wikipedia

His work includes krial study of comparative erotics and ethics in mystical literatureAmerican countercultural translations of Asian religionsand the history of Western esotericism from gnosticism to New Age religions. And she was afraid her children would be made fun of at school, so she waited till they were grown up. What is at stake here? I would say that Roman Catholicism is an institution controlled by males who are celibate. Jeffrey Paranormal and the Sacred Sep 16, High to Low Avg.

Paul wanted all his followers, both male and female, to be virgins and marry Christ, which is a very queer, homoerotic notion for men — a kind of spiritual gay marriage.

And we know they are. I grew skeptical of all of that. So I got really fascinated by the American reception of Hindu and Buddhist ideas. An Interview with Jeffrey Kripal. Nygren and Gustav Aulen, his colleague at the University of Lund, believed this could only induce confusion in the faithful. Post a comment or leave a trackback. The lower you are on that totem pole, the less you have to lose.


Who is Bruce Springsteen? Communal in orientation, it is self-sacrificing, humble, and generous toward both friends and enemies.

Can you describe that experience? But the reverse is also true. I was electrocuted by some jeffreyy powerful presence that was intelligent and had information in it. Rexroth assumed, though, that Romantic Transcendentalism was just a manipulation of mood-generating imageries unrelated to objective extra-psychological realities, and that is precisely what Kripal is denying as a result not only of his own experiences, but his reading of the historical record.

Jeffrey J. Kripal, Ph.D.

I had an intellectual vocation, and I needed to go to graduate school, not enter the monastery. This is classic religious behavior.

A place at the multicultural table. Do you think you encountered some transcendent dimension of reality? I think everything hinges on what we think oripal or consciousness is.