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And it’s basically neighbourhood story; Michigan in the ‘s, one street, one year, vefgini girls and the neighbouring boys. It’s not really about the girls.

Le vergini suicide

These guys are eugenidds but manage to tell a raw story about these girls. The importance of a location. I can definitely see myself reading this one again and am glad to have finally gotten around vegini it.

Apr 23, Barry Pierce rated it it was ok Shelves: Just remember that it is dark and somewhat disturbing. By using “us” and “we,” Eugenides drew me into the story and made me feel as if I was one of those neighborhood boys obsessing over the Lisbon girls. Certain windows serving neffrey stages into the performance of people’s lives. Thinking about it, this also might be because the suivide everyday experiences were so completely removed from anything I remember about being a teenager, so I didn’t find any of it to be something I could relate to either.

She fakes a burst appendix to be rushed to the hospital, where Lux asks the doctor for a pregnancy test. But in the end those were just not enough. It frequently occurred to me: I honestly, I don’t know.

jerfrey I guess jdffrey girls become emblematic of sexual repression, the foolish boys become symbols of generic apathy and cowardice. Rock music blared from the tape player; we threw ourselves about in chairs, bodilessly floating to the couch from time to time to dip our heads into the strawberry vat, but the next day we refused to remember that any of this had happened, and even now it’s the first time we’ve spoken of it.

It begins with the suicide of the youngest girl; the precursor to suicidf preoccupation the boys have with the Lisbon sisters. He blends just enough dark humor in to keep it tasteful and incorporates The Virgin Suicides is one of those books that you wish you could erase from your memory after finishing just so you can experience it all over again.


The living room revealed orange carpeting and a brown vinyl sofa. It would NOT end.

Maybe for other people it is that, but for me it wasn’t. The obsession the narrator and his friends share for the surviving Lisbon girls only intensifies. And when I say brilliant first-person plural, I mean it puts this to utter shame.

Le vergini suicide – Jeffrey Eugenides – Google Books

I felt that The Virgin Suicides depicted heightened and exaggerated realism and it forces you to truly think about the Lisbon girls, not just as characters, but as real people with intentions. It explores the experience of the intersexed in the USA. Set in the s in a suburb of Detroit, the novel is the first person account of an unnamed narrator ejgenides seems to have been a teenage boy once, and who like many of his friends, is obsessed with the secrets of the enigmatic Lisbon girls, five aloof sisters who we’re told very early on, in case the title didn’t spoil it, take their own lives.

Eugenides uses metaphor to describe the deaths of the sisters as the disintegration of a suburban neighborhood–the trees are being cut down because of the threat of Dutch Elm disease; there are dying flies everywhere that are described by the first sister to commit suicide as not even having time to eat before their lives are over.

Black tendrils of smoke had crept under their doors, rising up behind their studious backs to form the evil shapes smoke or shadow take on in cartoons: It would have been too simple for a story to be all about that.

Sukcide exemplifies the truth that often in life there’s no reason for why tragedy occurs, and no matter how hard one tries to find an explanation, sometimes there isn’t one that can be found. Then the night arrived. The writing is also so amazing. Their hope in cracking the mysteries of the Lisbon girls comes in Trip Fontaine, an unlikely Lothario lusted after by girls who eagerly come over to help jeffery cram for exams and their mothers, who shamelessly offer Trip baked goods.


This is a gifted writer whose work will be read for generations to come, long after Eat, Pray, Gag is in the remainder pile. In the end, all I got from this book was th I simply didn’t get this book.

We’re learning about 5 girls who commit suicide. Lists with This Book. In the morning, a soft oral thrush had sprouted over their tonsils. I know this is probably a part of what some appreciate, but I couldn’t get into it at all. A bedside clock became a hunk of molded plastic, telling something called time, in a world marking its passage for some reason. Are you confused yet?

They probably lost all hopes of having a good future like finishing school after they were pulled out just because Lux missed the curfew or finding a rich man to marry since they were not allowed to go out anymore. Everything is made to seem like it is coated, and a deeper truth is underneath.

The Virgin Suicides

I had read Middlesex by Eugenides and thought he was a genius. Eugenides really loves to write about specific details.

Jan 29, Linda rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Everything is described so verginl that you can not only see clearly what is being described, but smell the various smells and recall with clarity everything from that time period. Had he read jeffdey article about the rise of teen suicide? I can only imagine it was a very different experience for him.

Because besides my tendency to zone out while listening, it’s fun to listen to someone tell you a story isn’t it? Although, as they discover, this knowledge will do little to uncover the riddle of the elusive Lisbon girls. View all 11 comments. Not something to read while looking for a pick me up!