Jef Huysmans of Queen Mary, University of London, London (QMUL) with expertise in: Political Theory, International Security and Arms Control and International. School of Politics and International Relations. Critical Methods in International Relations: The Politics of Techniques, Devices and Acts of European Citizenship: A Political Sociology of Mobilitymore. Professor Jef Huysmans. Jef Huysmans Professor of International Politics. Queen Mary, University of London. [email protected] Title: Fracturing.

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In the past few years the relative success of international political sociology as an intellectual project has stimulated debates about its contribution to international studies. Fear, Migration and Asylum in the EU.

Migration and Jjef more. Title Cited by Year The politics of insecurity: Guillaume, Xavier and Huysmans, Jef Political Science and Public Administration and Policy.

Weapons of mass destruction grabbed public interest and controlling the free movement of people became a national security New articles by this author. On security speech acts huysman little security nothings. Normativity, inwardness and the exception J Huysmans Security dialogue 37 1, Journal of international relations and development 7 3, They show how critical engagement and methodological innovation can be practiced as interventions into diverse instances of insecurity and securitisation, including airports, drug trafficking, peasant struggles, biometrics and police kettling.

Millennium Normative questions about security practices easily emerge in this context.


Huysmans, Jef – School of Politics and International Relations

Currently he is working on security and democracy in times of surveillance, the political life of methods, and fracturing worlds. Introduction to the literatureCahiers van het Centrum voor Vredesonderzoek, vol. It is an integral part of the wider technocratic and political process in which professional agen- cies — such as the police and customs — and political agents — such as social movements and political parties — debate and decide the criteria for legitimate membership of west European societies.

In the name of Manchester University Press,pp. Towards a mobility turn in European citizenship studies. The chapters offer a series of methodological experimentations that assemble concepts, theory and empirical cases into new frameworks for critical security research. Multi-media Teaching and Training Module.

Huysmans then applies this theory to provide a detailed analysis of migration, asylum and refuge in the European Union. In one sense exceptionality is a descriptive category referring to a radical change in the sys- temic conditions of international politics.

Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. Click here to sign up. Ajatuksia liberaalin demokratian ylivertaisuudesta’ The end of liberocracy?

Security Unbound, by Jef Huysmans

Bruylant,pp. Environment and Planning D: Jef Huysmans What is Politics?

Yet, despite an impressive body of literature, there remains fundamental disagreement as to what counts as critical in this context. Examples of research funding: Help with accessing the online library, referencing and using libraries near you:. Sites of Insecurity and Political Agency. Politics of Exception and Unease: Library help and support.


The focal point of this international politics of exception is not the traditional distinction between liberal and realist views of international politics but the con- stitutionalist triad of normativism, decisionism, and institu- tionalism. It focuses on the theme of protection. From concept to thick signifier J Huysmans European journal of international relations 4 2, Police reforms, everyday practices and technologies.

Professor Jef Huysmans, PhD (Leuven), MA (Hull) BA (Leuven)

Taking exception huyamans the exception – On Schmitt, Agamben and the absence of political society more. How do we interpret the nature and reach of the spill-over of the internal market into an internal security field?

Finally, I retain a research interest in acts of citizenship and international political sociologies of mobility, and in particular, how they allow us to conceptualise politics as de-territorialised, fractured and transversal. Some of these challenges are familiar, such as the erosion of the right to privacy; others are less so, such as the huysmanss challenge to citizenship.

Jef Huysmans – Google Scholar Citations

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email kef a reset link. The Politics of Techniques, Devices and Acts. Review of International Studies.