Jayne Ann Krentz has done again what she does so well, give us a great read. I must admit the Arcane Society has not been one of my favorite settings for her. At the opening of Krentz’s disappointing latest featuring the Arcane Society—a covert organization devoted to paranormal research—costume. A woman who hears voices. A man who sees visions. A killer who may elude them both.

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Just what I like. Sizzle and Burn 4 Stars Synopsis: I mean really, how many Joneses does the average person come across in their lifetime? Sizzle and Burn is the third Arcane Book- the second contemporary nurn in the series. I didn’t want to put it down. Krentz will consider a future book where the action centers on Mr. Abn had injected the antidote into Vella with the exception of the last dosage. I guess this could be good for the lonely housewife that wants to read some sort of sexy romance novel with a plot.

Raine worked often with police detective Bradley Mitchell.

Sizzle and Burn (Arcane Society, #3) by Jayne Ann Krentz

There are some murders taking place related to an evil organization, whose members also have psychic powers. The Arcane Society is an organization of humans who have different types of psychic powers and at different strengths. Raine ended up back in good graces with the leaders of the society after she produced the documentation for the antidote for the drug.

And now that poor Aunt Vella—her last blood relative—has died, Raine has resigned herself to a lonely life. I love that Raine has a signature “screw you” smile–it makes for a great strong heroine in a sea of testosterone in this book. Raine is a strong female lead, and her chemistry with Zack was undeniable. Personally, I read all of the Amanda Quick historical books first, then the Jayne Anne Krentz contemporary books, and lastly the futuristic ones by Jayne Castle.


There is also a nifty plot twist and cliffhanger at the end to keep the reader guessing. I didn’t really understand the connected between Zack and Raine. She didn’t read the intention of the individual who had injected her with poison.

Sakin byk nya keluarga Jones kadanf bingung kalo gak ditulis ttg siapa ama siapa. When Raine Tallentyre made the mistake of revealing her paranormal abilities, her most recent romantic relationship came to a hasty end.

Sizzle and Burn

There are over 30 million copies of her books in print. Cassidy and Niki went to see Raine to try and convince her to work with Bradley but failed at that attempt. Raine uses wit jsyne sarcasm to conceal her insecurities but is, nevertheless, a self-sufficient woman with a powerful sense of justice.

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This one was pretty good. Jones would be part of the Arcane an in the beginning, as if Jones was a super uncommon last name.

Sizzle and Burn / The Third Circle

Sep 22, Sandy rated it really liked it Shelves: Highly recommended as per usual with JAK’s books. Jun 10, Chris rated it it was amazing. The mystery was fun to work through, and the development of the cabal was fun to see. Silver Master Harmonybook 4 Jayne Castle. I liked the fact that they had an “extra connection” to each other because of their psychic abilities.

Raine and Vella were considered clairaudient’s, people who heard voices. A good book that’s interesting, creative, gripping, and leaves you wanting to read more in the series. Aug 19, Sue rated it really liked it Shelves: I also liked the fact that their romance is not plagued by any contrived misunderstandings or trust issues.


While Raine hears voices, Zack sees visions and within hours of their meeting, Raine experiences an intense, thrilling intimacy—mental, emotional, and physical—she never dared to expect. LibraryThing recommendations and tag cloud.

Or can it be read as a standalone? I also kind of enjoy the Arcane Society books. I did not like one part. Feb 16, obsessedwithbooks rated it really liked it Shelves: Soon discovered it was very similar to those romance novels. And now tha Being called creepy can be hard on your self-esteem–even for an attractive, independent woman like Raine Tallentyre.

I am almost embarrassed to say I read this book. Niki escaped after telling the authorities that Cassidy had murdered all the individuals in her books that she wrote about. With the help of a hunter of preternatural skill, “The Midnight Monster”, Delbridge intends to find her. The only thing that bothered me was that I had the feeling I had read part of this plot line in another book somewhere, and it drove me crazy trying to figure out what it was.

Books by Jayne Ann Krentz. Oct 02, Cindy rated it really liked it Shelves: Now that poor Aunt Vella – her last blood relative – has died, Raine has resigned herself to a lonely life.

Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. The hero and heroine were strong characters and handled themselves well.