In God and the Astronomers, Dr. Robert Jastrow, world-renowned astrophysicist, describes the astronomical discoveries of recent years and the theological. “When a scientist writes about God, his colleagues assume that he is over the hill or going bonkers, ” says Dr. Jastrow in GOD AND THE ASTRONOMERS. R Jastrow article on astronomical evidence bearing on origins of When an astronomer writes about God, his colleagues assume he is either.

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What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Preview — God and the Astronomers by Robert Jastrow. These are found in rocks about one billion years old. A fascinating book that has aged both extremely well and extremely poorly. Compare that with Creationists who — years after The Origins of Species — are still opposing evolution for philosophical, not empirical reasons. Man’s Descent from the Starsp.

God and the Astronomers

Robert Jastrow, world-renowned astrophysicist, describes the astronomical discoveries of recent years and the theological implications of the new insights afforded by science into mankind’s place in the cosmos. Opponents of ID routinely argue that a designer for the universe would necessarily be a supernatural Iastrow. These meager remains are the earliest traces of many-celled animal life on the planet.

Astronomer Robert Jastrow was struck by the emotional resistance among astronomers to the idea of a beginning, as he documented in his book God and the Astronomers. Jastrow makes some remarkable statements confirming the Christian worldview despite his opposition to the same.

God and the Astronomers by Robert Jastrow

The first inning was early in the 20th century, when it dawned on astronomers that the laws of thermodynamics ruled out an infinitely old universe, and cosmic expansion implied an explosive starting point in the finite past. That makes ID religious by definition, they say. The author, a prominent astronomer as well as an agnostic, gives a brief summary of the key scientists and their contributions. Lists with This Book.


Worthwhile for those seeking enlightenment regarding the intellectual climate of the sciences. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. You or, at least, I can’t help wanting wstronomers help save those poor creationists from themselves.

Be the first to ask a question jaetrow God and the Astronomers. Published July 28th by W. This satronomers is terrible. External links [ edit ]. Highly recommend for those wanting a basic introduction to understanding the beginning of the universe. An editorial in the same issue of New Scientist is forthright: ID theory limits itself, however, to the evidence for design, and how it is detected, using techniques that are commonly employed in the sciences, like archaeology and cryptography.

Their reactions provide an interesting demonstration of the response of the scientific mind – supposedly a very objective mind – when evidence uncovered by science itself leads astronomeds a conflict with the articles of faith in our profession. God And The Astronomers Paperback.

Major advances have occurred since then. God and the Astronomers Robert Jastrow Limited preview – Showing of 19 reviews. Jastrow also goes out of his way to humanize the subject by spending ashronomers good deal of time on the biographies of some of the scientists involved.

Notice again, in these citations, who it is that did all the injecting of religious arguments into science. No eBook available Amazon. One would have to appeal to religion and the hand of God.


This is a worthwhile read for those central “a-ha” moments.

For the scientist who has lived by his faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions. Jastrow acknowledged the earth was experiencing a warming trend, but claimed that the cause was likely to be natural variation.

Sep 26, Carol Mann Agency added it. Marshall Institute, which is described in the following terms: This institute later took the view that tobacco was having no effect, that Acid Rain was not caused by human emissions, that ozone was not depleted by CFCs, that pesticides were not environmentally harmful and it was also critical of the consensus view of anthropogenic global warming.

With the exception of the price, the book was an easy read. As a short history of 20th century astronomy, it holds up remarkably well, even after 30 years. I love this topic because it always leaves the people studying it wondering how things got to be how they are on a cosmic scale.

Jan 03, Matt rated it it was amazing. You can help Wikiquote by expanding it. The philosopher Comte famously said in that it would never be possible to know what the stars were made of; 30 years later, Huggins used spectroscopy to prove him wrong.