Omega is a book by Jack McDevitt that won the John W. Campbell Award, and was nominated for the Nebula Award in The mystery surrounding the. Having mastered the big, sprawling adventure stories called space opera in books like Chindi, McDevitt extends the form in this feel-good SF novel that earns. Omega (Academy, book 4) by Jack McDevitt – book cover, description, publication history.

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More and more of the omega clouds have been discovered and tracked by the Academy in the years since the first one was found, and there is one heading towards Earth. Don’t worry about what’s real, what’s factual, what’s provably true, because all that really matters is walking around life with the warm fuzzies in your tummy and a blissful blank smile plastered on your face.

Meanwhile, they find another that’s turning and heading for an earth-like planet in about nine months. It’s the equivalent of showing Obi-wan about to duel with Vader but not actually showing the actual fight or hearing the dialogue, though you could infer its outcome from Luke’s reaction.

There are no ancient archeological mysteries omeg solve and whether the ultimate quest of saving the cuddly aliens mcdeviyt or not isn’t going to influence humanity’s future. Dec 17, Charlie rated it really liked it. So while some members of the team install devices to shield the isthmus under heavy storms, the rest of them install holographic projectors in key populated areas. I enjoyed the compassion shown by members of the rescue team for the Goompahs.

The mystery surrounding the destructive “Omega Clouds” which are introduced in The Engines of God is left unexplored until Omega.

Part of the rescue effort involves spaceships and gadgets, but the most serious part depends on human intelligence and passion. McDevitt, apparently remembering that a good chunk of hard SF’s readership does consist of scientific rationalists who might find all this appalling, has one of his characters voice a token moral objection to what has been done. Do the humans divert the cloud? They fear creatures they call zhokawho are represented in their art as looking nearly It is discovered that each cloud is guided by a strangely shaped vessel of some kind.


Ancient Shores Thunderbird And, whether he’s really expressing his own views here or just assigning different beliefs to different characters like a game of musical chairs, his personal beliefs are his business and don’t matter. About three quarters of the way in, I was just ready for it to be over and only finished because I’d invested so much time and wanted to find out how it ended.

Omega Book Summary and Study Guide

I must get hold of other Jack McDevitt books. This page was last edited on 7 Octoberat Humanity is completely engaged with them and their possible extinction, and at one point Hutch asks herself whether there would be so much public interest if the aliens had been unappealing insects? McDevitt imbues him with very believable humanity, including a nervous disposition, a general lack of self-confidence, and jzck love for the ship’s pilot no spoilers here!

A ship is sent with scientists and linguists.

Omega (novel) – Wikipedia

Nevertheless, this was e Finally, after two books in which the author simply refused to deal with the ‘Omega entities’ and instead turned the series into ‘object exploration’ which is not bad in itself, only misleadingwe are back to deal with the mystery which actually originated the series. Omega ‘s ultimate thematic message is that when the chips are down, reason and science simply can’t cut it, and one needs, in the words of one character, the “priceless gift” of faith.


This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

I enjoyed all pages. It takes forever to get to the action at the planet about to be attacked by an Omega cloud. Very good, and as usual I am looking forward to read the next in series.

Sep 05, Dirk Grobbelaar rated it liked it Mcdevittt It might explain the lack of aliens. An omega cloud is headed towards Earth, but won’t arrive for about years. Not quite as stirring as the previous in the series that introduced the Omega clouds but a good follow-up. He seems like he’s writing angrily, scornfully, and his ideas are pretty much the opposite of novel.

Sep 10, Ian Massey rated it liked it. The dearth of alien species is a nice touch, making it more of an archeological mystery. The story concerns a civilization that’s being threatened by one of the Omega-clouds that have figured in all of the previous volumes.

I have summarized the first three books of the series as “Archaeologists in Space,” and while it has its issues spaceships apparently leave Earth with unlimited fuel, jacj, water, and oxygenit ajck a fascinating glimpse of a galaxy full of ruined civilizations and a few pre-industrial societies shielded by, basically, a Prime Directive prohibiting contact. Rather than a celebration, the asshole insists that Kellie take him right then and there to the cloud to try and divert it.

Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. I never expected total and complete originality out of these.