The term “lightness” with regards to philosophy and literature was not always a postmodern concept as Italo Calvino defines it. Lightness on. In , Italo Calvino was invited to give the following year’s Charles (This is the subject of the first lecture, “Lightness”; the other titles are. Lightness: Italo Calvino’s hope for the future of literature. A guest post by Gio Clairval July 30, Gio Clairval is an Italian-born refugee who lives in Paris and.

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I have tried to remove weight, sometimes from people, sometimes from heavenly bodies, sometimes from cities; above all I have tried to remove weight from the structure of stories and from lightnesz. Breezes and beesdrifting and gliding are words of light verbal texture and they produce the lofty feeling of the lightness that helps one to contend with worldly weight. Being late at the wake is considered chic where she comes from.

As Calvino avers, only if writers set themselves tasks that no one else dares imagine will literature continue to have a function. Boccaccio presents Cavalcanti as an austere philosopher, walking meditatively among marble tombs near a church. He also does some editing stuff, most recently with Sleepers Publishing, Overland lit journal, and Voiceworks magazine. Che fai tu, luna, in ciel?

Chuang-tzu replied that he needed five years, a country house, and twelve servants. I tried to find some harmony between the adventurous, picaresque inner rhythm that prompted me to write lightnesss the frantic spectacle of the world, sometimes dramatic and sometimes grotesque.

Six Memos For The Next Millennium Quotes

Tell me what you do, silent moon. I confess that I am tempted to construct my own Shakespeare, a Lucretian atomist, but I realize that this would be arbitrary. The two lines are almost identical, but they express two completely different concepts. December 3, at 5: The man becomes one of them, an Axolotl. One half of the opposition he called positive light, fineness, warmth, beingthe other negative.


I mean that I have to change my approach, look at the world from a different perspective, with a different logic and with fresh methods of cognition and verification. Literature remains alive only if we set ourselves immeasurable goals, far beyond all hope of achievement.

Lightness Clare D says: Airships pulled upward by light gasses.

Six Memos For This Millennium – The

Should I continue along this road? Along the way the bucket serves him as a horse, and indeed it takes him up as far as the second floor of a house, where he rocks up and down as if riding on the back of a camel. But it is chiefly the first word that determines the difference between the two lines. Before long, he grew weary of such realism, finding it increasingly difficult to synchronise his instinctive impulse to write with the frantic spectacle of his surroundings.

Multiplicity works through the abiding of rules. He died before leaving Italy. Zen Buddhism teaches that one ought to become as light as being itself. Cooney on Exploring Fantasy in Metal, Part […].

Performing some looking and noticed your website seems a bit messed up in my K-meleon net browser. A beautiful metaphor, and a conclusion I agree with wholeheartedly. Also, the virtue of having this as a physical book is that you can jot down your own reactions as they occur in the margins.

Italo Calvino’s Memo I: Lightness | Detailed Observations

See lighyness up there. In an era where visuals dominate, writing has to be potent and vivid in order to vie for attention. When I began thinking about these lectures, I wanted to devote one whole talk to the moon, to trace its apparitions in the literatures of many times and places.

It is a plague afflicting language, revealing itself as a loss of cognition and immediacy, an automatism that tends to level out all expression into the most generic, anonymous, and abstract formulas, to dilute meaning, to blunt the edge of expressiveness, extinguishing the sparks that shoots out from the collision of words and new circumstances. There are some really interesting thoughts here: I have relied on Cavalcanti for examples of lightness in at least three oightness senses.


Overambitious projects may be objectionable czlvino many fields, but not in writing. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

I would suggest this: Calvino picks and chooses from the whole range of human thought, though he often returns to Leopardi and to Shakespeare, about whom he is deftly illuminating. I was afraid someone would remind me that there are four more memos.

I would like you to bear this image in mind as I proceed to talk about Cavalcanti as the poet of lightness. Then I decided that the moon should be left entirely to Leopardi. This is defined in relation to Pullness or Garimawhich concerns worldly weight and mass. livhtness

For the miraculous thing about his poetry is that he simply takes the weight out of language, to the point that it resembles moonlight. Black holes, in effect, ligntness holograms.

Lightness: Italo Calvino’s hope for the future of literature

He saw Lightness as an important aspect of post-modern society and existence that should be celebrated; he, like Heraclitus, never viewed Lightness as negative, indeed he never ascribed any evaluative content to it. It is better to let them settle into the memory, to stop and dwell on every detail, to reflect on them without losing touch with their language of images.

One must chisel away the weightiness. This is a very short story written in in the first person, and its point of departure is plainly a real situation in that winter of warfare, the worst for the Austrian Empire: