THE present edition is a faithful reprinting of Isis Unveiled as originally published in by HPB on the writing of Isis Unveiled: “Theories about Reincarnation and. Isis Unveiled has ratings and 36 reviews. The said: Blavatsky dear occultist, was a genius and the fact that she wrote so brilliantly in Engl. Isis Unveiled is a master key to the mysteries of ancient and modern science and theology. With the help of this book you will be able to make sense of how so.

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In later theosophical works some of the doctrines originally stated in Isis Unveiled appeared in a significantly altered form, [note 1] drawing out confusion among readers and even causing some to perceive contradiction. She had to save whole the life while destroying the very elements upon which it was depending for nutriment. Through a Glass Darkly: One was jovial, fond of good stories, and witty to a degree; another, all dignity, reserve and erudition.

There is more to the vol.

And even this with the help of my Guru and Teacher who helps me in everything. It goes far beyond what even the most erudite scholar could possibly have known about in its entirety. Olcott founded her Theosophical Society and published Isis Unveileda plagiarized occult work denouncing the spiritualism she had formerly advocated. It is unthinkable and unpronounceable; and yet every man finds in himself his god. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I don’t buy into some, many, of her ‘facts’. University of California Press,pp. The concluding pages of “Isis” recites that those best prepared to appreciate occultism are the spiritualists, although, through prejudice, they have hitherto been the bitterest opponents to its introduction to public notice.

The Extraordinary Story behind Isis Unveiled

Skip to main content. For me, this is another book the likes issi which cram the book site stores that make claims to be taken with a great deal of caution. Would we replace modern spiritualism with the ancient magic?


Sometimes I would have to make several corrections in each line, while at others I could pass many pages with scarcely a fault of idiom or spelling to correct. Whereas the Adept actively controls himself and all inferior potencies, the Medium is the passive instrument of foreign influences.

She is credited with furthering the practice of Theosophy. Apr 26, Mrs. I thoroughly enjoyed the attitude Lady Blavatsky uses to make her points across.

“Isis Unveiled”: H.P. Blavatsky’s First Book

Blavatsky’s knowledge of religious minutia is immense and her assertions will challenge the way you l Isis Unveiled is a master key to the mysteries of ancient and modern science and theology.

Even if her discourse seems to mdame all over the place, its ultimate target turns out to be Christianity towards the end of her treatise.

She had to adopt and employ the nomenclature of false religion, false philosophy, false science, false psychology, to inject into it ideas that would infallibly rupture the very foundations upon which Western civilization is builded, while still so safe-guarding her patients that the civilization should not be wrecked while re-creating its foundations.

If you are not open to new concepts and mindsets that veer off from what you’ve known, prepare yourself to be before reading these books. The volumes are dedicated to “The Theosophical Society which was founded to study the subjects on which they treat.

Isis Unveiled: Vol. I & II

Thanks for telling us about the problem. She had a profound knowledge of everything apparently, and her method of work was most unusual. Without invoking such help, spiritualism must continue to vegetate, equally repulsed — not without cause — both by scientists and theologians. With these considerations in mind something may be grasped of the epochal importance of Madame Blavatsky’s first great work, and of the leading statements of Occultism embodied in it. To the mainline Church she was considered part scam artist, plagiarist.

Looking back from the present basis of tolerated if not accepted ideas, it is only by the contrast that the supreme miracle of her wisdom can be even faintly sensed. Matt rated it it was amazing Mar 07, Now you can have both volumes of this esoteric masterpiece in one binding. Blavatsky’s knowledge of religious minutia is immense and her assertions will challenge the way you look at the world.


Her own manuscript was often a sight to behold; cut and patched, re-cut and re-pasted, until if one held a page of it to the light, it would be seen to consist of, perhaps, six or eight or ten slips cut from other pages, pasted together, and the text joined by interlined words or sentences…. Oxford University Press,pp. Joe McLean rated it liked it Mar 21, Another would now and then sit there, scrawling something with a pencil and reeling off for me dozens of poetical stanzas which embodied, now sublime, now humorous, ideas.

Oct 14, Tink rated blzvatsky it was amazing. One Somebody would always be willing to emphasize his philosophical or scientific explanation of the subjects I was to write upon, by doing phenomena for mafame edification; while to another Somebody I dared not even mention them.

If I happen to forget something, I have just to address him, or another of the same kind in my thought, and what I have forgotten rises once more before my blavwtsky — sometimes whole tables of numbers madane before me, long inventories of events. Blavatsky stated goal was to bring all people of the world together- a stated mission for humanity. A book of reference.

Jan 09, The Elves rated it it was amazing. A double evolution, spiritual and intellectual as well as physical, is postulated whose philosophy alone can reconcile spirit and matter and cause each to demonstrate the other mathematically. Feb 11, Jonathan Widell rated it really liked nlavatsky.