Iriartea deltoidea. Plant growing in native habitat in Yasuni National Park, Orellana, Ecuador Photograph by: William J. Baker Image credit to Palmweb. Common Names: Stilt Palm, Copa Palm, Barrigona Palm, Huacrapona (local name). Distribution & Habitat: South American rainforest. Abstract. Stem development in palms usually involves the building up of a trunk of maximum diameter before emerging from the ground. Unlike most arboreal.

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Determination of lignin [ 8 ]: Palmweb – Palms of the World Online Palmweb Growth strategies of the arborescent palm Iriartea deltoidea in a western Amazonian forest Mayra Ninazunta. Agri and Aquaculture Journals Dr. Individual growth rates were positively related to palm height in the three life stages considered here seedlings, saplings and adults.

The fruit are also eaten by humans, and the wood is used for construction and in handicraft. Back to Palm Encyclopedia.

Iriartea deltoidea Ruiz & Pav. | Plants of the World Online | Kew Science

More research is needed to learn how to cultivate this palm, which is under heavy harvest pressure in many deptoidea. This is a form with large seeds from east of the Andes in Ecuador. Under extreme cold conditions we recommend you keep this palm as dry as possible, and well wrapped ddeltoidea. Fruits dull bluish black, globose, about 3 cm in diameter.


Determination of apparent density of the sample [ 5 ]: Tropical Plants Database, Ken Fern.

This is considered a monotypic genus. Determination of ashes [ 7 ]: Canoes last about two or three months. This palm grows naturally in the understory forest until they reach a mature height. Sustainable Production Alternatives for Integrated Biosystems.

Iriartea deltoidea

But low temperatures are best avoided. A first class website. The black stilt roots can reach 1 meter or less. A supplier of the certified material was located in the city of Mocoa in the department of Putumayo, which has been marketing “Chonta” for a long time 30 years approximately.

For the accomplishment of laboratory tests, wood of the plucking. Many specimens were found growing along creeks and slopes. Iriartea deltoidea stilt roots in Bo Lundkvist’s garden, HI.

As the research stages are carried out, we confirm that the best way to propose a sustainable productive system or sustainable production project is to propose its exploration and evaluation under the theory of integrated biosystems, and it works understanding the hierarchy, interactions and interrelations of the System in general to understand ecosystems in an integral way, and in this way to interpret and use in a sustainable way the environmental goods and services of which we are kindly surrounded.

The character of the stem swelling is of no significance. This species does not regenerate well in most fields. Unlike most arboreal palms, the oligarchic palm Iriartea deltoidea has been shown to grow in both height and diameter. Iiriartea have to be approved before they are shown here.


Last deltoiea on This study seeks to execute seven investigative stages and to execute it was divided into two parts beginning by taking one of the species, in this case the chonta, applying the respective phases of investigation and in parallel, to perform the same procedure with the iirartea. Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues. The recognition, interpretation and encompassing of a strategic ecosystem as an integrated biosystem is the key to achieving sustainable development.

Martius distinguished his new species on its ventricose stem, pinna shape, and villose staminate calyx. Deltoiddea type of Iriartea gigantea consists of leaf sections and rachillae with staminate and pistillate flowers. Bocas del Toro, mainland Panama. Iriartea is a genus in the palm family Arecaceaenative to Central and South America.

Since then, environmental authorities together with different entities are committed to its conservation with a project built on the basis of effort and dedication. If you would like to support this site, please consider Donating.

Geographic distribution of Iriartea deltoidea. Iriartea megalocarpa Burret Iriartea phaeocarpa Mart.

Inflorescence buds m long, downwards curved, resembling a bulls horn. Manual to the palms of Ecuador.