Intersleek Product Type: Foul Release Coatings Intersleek SR. Product Type: Foul Release Coatings Intersleek Product Type: Foul Release. Intersleek® is a fluoropolymer foul release coating designed for all vessel types. Intersleek® is suitable for use at Maintenance & Repair or Newbuilding . PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. As the finishing coat in the Intersleek foul release system. For use at Newbuilding or Maintenance & Repair.

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Ideally we would be able to sand the Intersleek with 80 grit and then apply the new paint. See Related Products, below. Be sure to purchase all three components if you want to be able to use this product. List of links Akzonobel.

And so now there is Intersleek SRdesigned to meet that challenge head on. Iran said on Monday it was ready to respond to any hostile U. The extremely slippery “low surface energy” surface of the finish coat makes it exceptionally difficult for fouling organisms to form an attachment to the hull, and if they are successful, the attachment is very weak — making them very easy to remove.

Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. International Paint introduced the foul release technology, Intersleek But ship owners and operators were looking for something more — a coating that would reduce or eliminate biofilms — generally referred to as slime — that form on the hulls of ships, increasing drag and therefore increasing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


COX will be running demos for the public from January Gallon Case 2 Gallons. The components are sold separately, and each is required. Click on See detailed table of all products to see specifications of product options. Intersleek SR First there was Intersleek inand Intersleek in — breakthrough silicone foul release coatings that reduced maintenance costs for ship owners, and cut fuel consumption as well.

Laboratory testing was carried out both at AkzoNobel and with independent academics. Sign up to receive special offers and product promotions from Fisheries Supply!

Unsupported browsers put your security at risk. The end of provides an excellent opportunity to highlight some of the measures that have been taken by the maritime…. The hull showed a significant amount of hard shell fouling zebra mussels when hauled last fall and the owner doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of diving the boat every few weeks to clean the growth off. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Due to inactivity your session is about to expire with in 10 minute s.

Every shipowner wants to minimize downtime and maximize earnings. Find the solution you need to manage high cable density issues.

The rating company Moody’s Japan K. Intersleek has foul release capabilities and good resistance to mechanical damage.

Slime shall be released | AkzoNobel

Enter multiple Part Numbers at Once. As others have said, nothing doing.

Related News 26 Dec Sorry we’re out of stock. Personally I think we should stick with the Intersleek, but I’m not the one writing the checks. It is this finish coating that is the key to the whole system.


Foul Release Coatings

Send a copy to my email. Any input is appreciated. The browser you are currently inetrsleek is not supported by Fisheries Supply. Is there anything out there that is compatible with the Intersleek that can be sprayed or rolled on over the existing coating without having to grind it all off?

Sailboats may notice increased speed through the water. Another factor is that any damage done to the Intersleek has to be professionally repaired unlike a bottom with Vivid or VC that any halfway competent person can take care of. Jntersleek Comments Send a copy to my email. Can I install a BWT unit myself? Please choose product option s.

View All Options in a Table. For the very first time all vessels above 10 knots, including scheduled ships, tankers, bulkers, general cargo ships and feeder containers can now benefit from foul release technology.

Intensive research to understand slime growth and the development of appropriate screening tests intersleej the development time from the conventional 10 years to less than four years.

International Paint Debuts Intersleek 900

It has an exceptionally smooth surface combined with excellent foul release capabilities and good resistance to mechanical damage. Intersleek is compatible with Intersleek Hyundai has outsized influence over town’s economy, population; Ulsan could be South Korea’s Rust Belt in the making. Enter new worksheet name. Share with other interspeek on my account. Hence, Intersleek is a “foul release” bottom coating system.