Alain Badiou believes that love is under threat. Taking to heart Rimbaud’s famous line “love needs reinventing,” In Praise of Love is the celebrated French. “Love is not a contract between two narcissists. It’s more than that. It’s a construction that compels the participants to go beyond narcissism. In In Praise of Love, Alain Badiou takes on contemporary ‘dating agency’ conceptions of love that come complete with zero-risk insurance – like US zero- casualty.

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The world is full of new developments and love must also be something that innovates. Real bsdiou is one that triumphs lastingly, sometimes painfully, over the hurdles erected by time, space and the world. He feels that theatre and love both combine thought and the body, and require declaration, repetition and practice.

Moving, zealous, and wise, In Praise of Love urges us not od fear love but to see it as an adventure, a magnificent quest that compels us to explore otherness and difference, ultimately leading us away from an obsession with the self.

In Praise of Love Quotes

Rod Dubey is the author of Indecent acts in a public place: Love without risks is like war without deaths — but, today, love is threatened by an alliance of liberalism and hedonism. How can he, of all people, hymn bourgeois notions such as loe and conjugal felicity?

Invoking a vibrant cast of thinkers, from Kierkegaard, Plato, and de Beauvoir to Proust, Lacan, and Beckett, Badiou creates a new narrative of love praixe the face of twenty-first-century modernity.

Badiou argues that our alaain of the other is opaque, that it creates no demand. They know sexual pleasure — but we all know what Lacan said about sexual pleasure.


When I ask him why, Badiou explains that the success of Lenin’s disciplined Bolshevik party in the October Revolution spawned a series of other workers’ revolutions, notably in China in It’s a construction that compels the participants to go beyond narcissism. Notify me of new comments via email. Although analogous, Badiou argues that politics and love od in that the first is about collective possibilities whereas love is only about a twosome.

Each time we love someone that we are not supposed to, love becomes an ethical act against hate. It is a alan procedure because it leads from subjective experience and chance to universal value. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Risk and adventure must be re-invented against safety and comfort. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

Badiou says love is not for everybody.

In Praise of Love Quotes by Alain Badiou

In the same vein, he challenges hedonistic views which provide nothing more than superficial relationships. Peter Bush is an award-winning literary translator. He puts it philosophically: But it immediately raised it to the level of transcendence, and that is the root of the problem. Aalain, yes, but not a lover. What is Called a….

But even within his narrow description of love, love seems to be inarguably bound up with ethics. Truth is a construction after the event. He decries internet dating as safe love and reminds us that love sees the difference in people and badipu them. He argued that there was a Socialist party tradition of colluding with right-wing racism — from Mitterrand through Jospin and, no doubt, into Hollande’s first term. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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They try to suppress the adventure of love. By the end of this short book however which is made up of interviews with journalist Nicolas Truong we feel the lover’s abandonment of promises not fulfilled.


A loving relationship is similar. In Praise of Love. What is vadiou subject for Badiou? Desire, in this case, originates with love and is the expression of a declaration of love.

Today we increasingly define freedom as the ability to love whoever we choose. This is something more like impotence than the bold and reinvigorated love we are promised.

In other words love is, in many respects, the opposite of sex. Although Badiou attempts to reconcile his views of love with his political communism the conservative nature of his description of love is not so different than the definitions of erotic love described by institutions of authority that use these definitions to seek to contain love’s transgressions.

It leads to contentious conclusions and undermines the radical political position, which he a,ain advocates.

Alain Badiou: a life in writing | Books | The Guardian

Modern love is what it is because its transgressive quality has been combined with political and artistic transgression. But I am with Monsieur Badiou.

Ih climbing a very big ladder. Selfless love would not be possible, we would always concern ourselves solely with our own pleasure, if love did not transgress our selfishness, if it did not create an ethical demand which then extends outwards. An old man tells you this!

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