This IBM® System Storage™ TS Tape Library Maintenance Information (MI) When you send information to IBM, you grant IBM a non-exclusive right to. This publication provides information about operating the IBM System Storage TS, IBM Tape Library. The IBM Tape Library is a. Note There are two versions of the IBM TS Tape Library Introduction and to the TS tape library with the Advanced Library Management System ( ALMS), IBM TS Maintenance Information (provided with the TS tape library) and servers for tape drives, visit the web at lto.

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Model upgrades beyond the Model EU6 will not be available. Each Model D23 supports up to cartridge slots and up to 12 Tape Drives, with an incremental reduction of storage slots for each set maintenanc four tape drives installed.

D12, D14, S10, HA1. Each virtual volume can now have a maximum capacity of 2. With data compression and a 32 K blocksize, the Model J1A is designed inforkation offer up to 2.

Attaches to external control unit required.

Through this change, the E05 canister is upgraded to include the components necessary to achieve the media capacity and performance points of the EO6 tape drive through the Miscellaneous Equipment Specification MES process.

It is designed to grow as your storage and usage needs grow. Up to 15 Model D52 Frames may be added to each base frame. This model has the same footprint as the Model L52, which is a smaller footprint than the Model L The base configuration of no tape drive unit and tape cartridge storage cells can be expanded with up to a total o f six tape drive units and tape storage cells. It can also be attached as a free-standing unit to a C12 Silo Compatible Frame.


All this plus remote console support, SNMP management capabilities, multi-host attachment, and modular design make the flexible, easy to use, and the best choice in automated tape library solutions. A door lock is included to restrict physical access to cartridges in the library. Standard cartridge capacity upgrades up to 1, cartridges with minimal disruption to ongoing production operations.

Each time the library door is closed, a bar code reader mounted on the autochanger is designed to scan the cartridge labels enabling a re-inventory of the cartridges in the library frame in as little as 60 seconds. Services Financial Logistics Technical.

Ibm system storage ts tape library maintenance information – cakets

For bulk-loading of tape cartridges, the library door can be opened. Optional drive, storage, and Virtual Tape Server units may be added as needed, to create an automated tape library with up to 66 physical tape drives, virtual tape drives, and up to 6, tape cartridges.

The Model F3A comes with a 2-Gbps Fibre Channel interface for connection to a wide spectrum of open system servers. It does not contain any tape drives or storage cells for customer data cartridges.

The High Availability model provides a second tape cartridge accessor and library manager for higher library availability and performance. Flexible configuration choices start at a single frame with up to two tape maingenance and up to tape cartridges.

Its offers sysrem performance improvements over the A50 Controller. For bulk-loading of tape cartridges the library door can be opened. Up to four B11s can be installed in a rack, thus reducing the floor space required. A B16 Tape Server with an attached D12 drive unit can also be added for a total of 15 additional frames and up to informayion cartridges.


Tape Drivers and Tape Libraries​

The S10 consists of tape cartridge storage cells and no tape drives. The storage capacity and number of drives unformation be increased by adding either S10 storage units, or D10, D12, and D14 drive units.

With two library managers and dual accessors, and each containing two disk drives for duplication of the library databases, maintenance can now be performed in most situations on the failing library control unit component while the is still available for customer production. Additional libraries can be easily attached and managed inforjation a single automation system.

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storags The HA1 operates in standby mode to provide a redundant library manager and accessor or improved availability.

This model has a smaller footprint than the Model L Hexagonal-shaped cabinet requires less floor space than other automated systems and minimizes robotic time. Attaches to Model A14 frame or.

It appears to host systems as two fully configured E tape subsystems. The TS has a 4-Gbps Fibre Channel interface for connection to a wide spectrum of open system servers. Attaches to A60 and tape drives in Model C12 or C The library capacity and number of drives can be expanded to meet changing needs. The L10 can be upgraded to a L12 or L IBM Tape cartridge Standard. Data capacity for the Model L22 using data cartridges is TB native and 52 to TB using data compression at 3: