The long-awaited Change 4 to HUD Handbook REV-1 “Occupancy Requirements of Subsidized Multifamily Housing Programs”, has. HUD Handbook Occupancy Requirements of Subsidized Multifamily Housing Programs. Transmittal Notice for Revision 1 – Change 4 (August 7, ). Change 4 to HUD Handbook REV-1 “Occupancy Requirements of Subsidized Multifamily Housing Programs” has been posted to.

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For foster children, the rules are ahndbook same as for a dependent child less than 18 years of age: The last major update, Change 3, was in July As a result, the appendices have been re-numbered. Lecture with multimedia presentation. Prior guidance was to simply stop billing. Skip to main content. HUD announcements made via the RHIIP listserv copy circulated immediately via the LeadingAge Housing Management Listserv stated, “In response to Multifamily Housing’s business partner handbok for a handbook implementation period, the Department is delaying the habdbook of the requirements found in Change 4 until December 15, And, a small clarification to verification techniques was made in paragraphs If you do not have a utility allowance in your PRAC contracts, there is no impact on you.

Change 3 to HUD Handbook 4350.3

To keep you in compliance, this change has been implemented in Property Manager. Includes half-day certification exam.

However, there were several substantive changes including a modification to the month rule; a requirement to include the non-employment income of foster children and all income of foster adults on the ; a change in the definition of PRAC Operating Rent; and a relaxation of the rule requiring signatures hid to transmittal of gross rent change certifications that change the TTP or utility reimbursement—you now have 60 days to obtain those signatures and can transmit the gross rent change certification in the meantime.

Unfortunately, HUD did not make other handbook changes that should occur given the new definition. The new handbook is effective on August 1. Most of the changes are corrections and clarifications to prior handbook guidance.

  CFR 49 100-185 PDF

Computerized grading of the exam results allows each participant to see their numeric score, relative standing, nandbook a detailed breakdown of their strengths and weaknesses. A revised transmittal for the U. In addition to the revised implementation period, the revised transmittal identifies the removal of all appendices associated with Chapter 9 of HUD Handbook We have asked HUD for clarification before making other software changes.

Includes half-day certification exam Format: The COS Exam Computerized grading of the exam results allows each participant to see their numeric score, relative standing, and a detailed 43500 of their strengths and weaknesses. Managers and 435 involved with HUD-subsidized programs including Section 8,and Participants with passing scores earn a COS certification; others receive certificates of participation.

HUD has not yet posted a new version of this form. Hopefully the inclusion of a delay at this point marks a sea-change for future policy change releases to have reasonable and circumstantially hanrbook implementation time frames.

We will keep you posted as we hear more about the Change 3 requirements.

AHTCS | HUD Handbook for Purchase

Calculator required ; 2 pencil, highlighter, sticky notes. The December 10 revised transmittal, beyond addressing to huud based on the initial August transmittal, also has additional changes. The transmittal outlines the specific areas where the changes have been incorporated.

Instruction is delivered through lecture handboook an integrated multimedia presentation. A collaboration of respected occupancy trainers are continuing to compare the “original Change 4” with the “new Change 4” to determine if there are any additional changes, and are sharing their much-appreciated insights with LeadingAge. This has the effect of reducing the amount of a special claim, compared huf the past, when there is a utility allowance involved.

Highlights so far include:. Some HUD field offices have been enforcing this rule for some time and the new handbook has made it official. Members are encouraged to send in questions to cbloom leadingage. It is the total monthly cost of housing an eligible family. This means that, if a tenant has an AR due on January 1, you must terminate the tenant effective December 31 if any recertification is not complete when you create your HAP voucher for April.


Certified Occupancy Specialist

The termination will result in an adjustment returning the subsidy billed for January through March. A revised transmittal for HUD Handbook Since Property Manager already auto-signs gross hus change certifications, you are all set with that change. HUD’s efforts to transform the affordable housing industry have resulted in a myriad of new rules, regulations, and standards.

NCHM’s COS, the most widely-sought certification in the affordable housing industry, is the definitive training for compliance at properties falling under the umbrella of HUD Handbook If there is no utility allowance, contract rent equals operating rent. This requirement is independent of the reason for the delay.

More details will be shared on this as they become available. Handboook there are no extenuating circumstances, the tenant must re-qualify with an initial certification effective no earlier than the first of the month after the AR recertification date. Lecture with multimedia presentation Prerequisites: Managers and others involved with Handblok programs including Section 8,and Provided: For foster adults, all income is included in the household’s income. The transmittal provides a list of changes included in Change 4 including those changes incorporated in this new release.

If there are extenuating circumstances, an AR effective January 1 can be submitted when the certification is complete.