Homemade Semtex by Seymour Lecker, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. “When combined with diesel oil, and perhaps boosted by Semtex, A small quantity of high explosive such as TNT or Semtex is used to. Buy a cheap copy of Homemade Semtex: C-4’s Ugly Sister book by Seymour Lecker. This first book focusing on Semtex, the plastique most widely used by.

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The cheap and easy recipe for bombs – Telegraph

On 9 May O Coisdealbha was again seen in the company of the two brothers driving to a house at Harbour Court in Courtown in Wexford. If the solution should go above 30 degrees, immediately dump the solution into the ice bath! It can be detonated by either heat or shock, which would make it of infinite value to a terrorist. Insert and tape blasting cap just beneath surface of mixture.

Man dies after crash between two motorbikes and a car in west Limerick.

The number of reported measles cases in Ireland more than trebled this year. Carefully remove the nitroglycerin with a clean eye-dropper, and place it into the beaker in step 2.

Pour the acetone mix semfex 10 liters of water; PETN crystals will precipitate out. The longer the drying period, the less effective the black powder. Port Tunnel reopens after being blocked by ‘yellow vest’ protesters. How to make a tennis ball bomb 1. You should never store homemade explosives, and you must use EXTREME caution at all times while performing the processes in this article.

It gives off mercury vapors which will cause brain damage if inhaled. The cheap and easy recipe for bombs. Homemsde website uses cookies to provide you a better user experience.


This first article will give you information on making nitroglycerin, the basic ingredient in a lot of explosives such as straight dynamites, and gelatin dynamites.

It is always safest to make any explosive in small quantities. One pound of this stuff will fill up a whole block with thick white homemafe Explosives Products introduced in Obtain a road flare.

Procedure- Take the 4 table spoons of black powder and pour it down in the toaster slots. Light this and you will have a nice little display with some practice. Even if it was not Synthesia to trade with this explosive in those times, but foreign trade companies, the experts have been wagging their heads in astonishment over this number up till now.

In a normal reaction the nitroglycerin will form as a layer on top of the acid solution, while the sulfuric acid will absorb the excess water. The white precipitate that formed was extracted with ether, and the extract was washed three times with cold water.

Homemade Semtex : C-4’s Ugly Sister

The fertiliser was the main ingredient in the largest of the Bali bombs that killed people in Wire service provided by Associated Press. Afer bending the wire you must cut of some insulated rubber and put it on the nickel chrome wire so that the nickel chrome wire wont conduct with the inside cartridge.

Also in response to international agreements, Semtex has a detection taggant added to produce a distinctive vapor signature to aid detection. By continuing to browse, you agree to the use of cookies described in our Cookies Policy. A few grams is enough to destroy an aircraft. Wrap cloth around black powder and squeeze to remove hlmemade excess liquid.


Semtex — 10 Mistakes

Be sure that the beaker will not spill into the ice bath, and that the ice bath will not overflow into the beaker when more materials are added to it. Take the blasting cap that you have already made and stick it in the sawdust mixed with nitroglycerin.

Knead and stir the C-4 with the rod until the C-4 has broken up. Even the action of dropping a crystal of the fulminate causes it to explode.

Comments have been disabled for legal reasons. Semtes explosives are produced in a number of advanced countries. Retrieved from ” https: Be sure ALL mixture stays wet. When the reaction is over, and when the nitroglycerin is well below 30 degrees centigrade, slowly and carefully pour the solution of nitroglycerin and mixed acid into the distilled water in the beaker in step 1.

Semtex — 10 Mistakes – Explosia

Pour mixture into pipe. The barrister said his client was educated to third-level and at the time of of his arrest he was employed in the biomedical field. Cheap and readily available, ammonium nitrate is often bought by terrorists seeking to make home-made bombs. First, ethylene glycol dinitrate was used, later switched to 2,3-dimethyl-2,3-dinitrobutane 3,4-dinitrohexane, DMDNB or p – mononitrotoluenewhich is used currently. Now put the nail in the hole in the can and let it rest on the crystals very lightly.

The way the mine works is when the nail head is stepped on the nail will get pushed down into hojemade crystals causing them to explode.