0 ReviewsWrite review ?id=dPDRAAAACAAJ. Heroj sa hiljadu lica. By Džozef Kembel. Heroj sa hiljadu lica. by: Joseph Campbell (author). Format: hardcover. ISBN: (). Publish date: Publisher: Stylos. Pages no: . Heroj sa hiljadu lica by Joseph Campbell, Christopher Vogler, James George Frazer, C.G. Jung, Mircea Eliade, Vladimir Propp, Robert Graves.

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Such a metamorphosis usually has an etiological or cosmological function. Ask and answer questions about books! The inhabitants of the Land of the Dead are anthropomorphic characters who live in palaces, move around, feed, clash mutually and obey the commands of their supreme deity.

Heroj sa hiljadu lica

On reaching the gates of her palace, he calls to her to come back to complete the earth they were creating, but the goddess reprimands him for not coming earlier, for she has already tasted the food of the hiljdu. In Serbian folktales either the hero steals the magic objects that transform or already has them with him. It is possible to reach them by means of comparative analysis.

Perhaps the most hiojadu example of this international motif is seen in the Greek myth of Kore, abducted by the god of the netherworld Hades.

She has published a number of translations so far, among which the latest is the translation of the Kojiki from the Old Japanese, in collaboration with colleagues from the Group of Japanese Language and Literature. This rather reminds us of an idea of a faraway land where the main character of the folktale arrives in his miraculous adventures.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Izanami is the first said to have died and gone to the world of the dead.


However, the first image of the Land of Night is more mystical, stress is laid on the impurity and ugliness of the world of the dead, with the image of a rotting corpse and the ghastly pursuers chasing the god Izanaki.

Many scholars in the world have discussed this motif, concluding that its integral part is most frequently a metamorphosis motif. What finally stops the goddess Izanami herself is a natural obstacle — Hira hill, as well as a large rock set by Izanaki. There he finds a peach tree, picks three fruits and throws them at his pursuers, thus stopping them. While the mythic hero inherently has magic powers at his disposal and possesses magic objects which transform into mechanical obstacles, the folktale hero has to receive such objects from a donor helper.

Branislav Kovačević (Translator of Heroj sa hiljadu lica)

The pursued hero is the god Izanaki, and the pursuers are horrible chthonic demons. Questions About Heroj sa hiljadu lica by Joseph Campbell. Sveti Sava cca — — the first arhibishop of Serbian Orthodox Church, diplomat, writer, law giver and founder of several hiljady medieval monasteries. They primarily include the developed ideas and motifs of the underworld of the dead.

Then he enters the palace and sees a dismal sight: However, all this magic is not sufficient to completely thwart the pursuit.

Sveti Sava cca — — the first arhibishop of Serbian Orthodox Ea, diplomat, write Just like the sword, the peach also possesses apotropaic properties, protects from unfavorable influences and is used for exorcism.

The focus is on desacralized myths, whose specific restrictions of rights to retelling and hheroj have been abolished. It is necessary to resort to certain magic actions in order to put a final stop to the chase. She will subsequently make sure that the living should not overpopulate, since she will sweep away a thousand people a day.


I have not that deep knowledge in Mythology; would you recommend it to me anyhow? Before the goddess Izanami, single demiurgical gods would disappear after fulfilling their cosmogonal role, but they subsequently remained in heaven.

These become mountains, forests, lakes. See Featured Authors Answering Questions. The Kojiki consists of three volumes.

Heroj sa hiljadu lica – Džozef Kembel – Google Books

Brandishing his divine sword behind him, Izanaki arrives at Hira hill on the very border of the Land of Night. For example, Saint Elias flees from his godchild, and when he smacks him with his rod, he turns into a lion.

This paper deals with kica international motifs interwoven in two myths from the first volume, forming a poetic picture of the Land of the Dead, the underworld part of the trichotomic cosmic structure.

For example, lightning from the sky burns the pursuing sorceress Vuk, SNP In a similar way, Izanami like Greek Gaea, wa Babylonian Astarte ssa Egyptian Isis incorporates the functions of fertility goddess and the chthonic mistress of the realm of the dead in her person.

In the aforementioned Japanese myth the hero sets a boundary leading to the definite dissolution of cosmic elements — the celestial and earthly spheres. Her fields of interest include the poetics of ancient Japanese literature and its comparative contexts in other peoples, primarily in Serbian.