In tribute to Herbert Muschamp, the architecture critic for The New York Times, one of the most outspoken and influential voices in architectural. Agents provocateurs have a dismal survival rate at the culturally conservative New York Times, but for 12 years, starting in , architecture critic Herbert. Like the man himself, Hearts of the City: The Selected Writings of Herbert Muschamp (Knopf, $50) is going to offend a lot of people. The book is nearly .

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Herbert Muschamp

The graphic designer Tibor Kalman would have known how to do it. Writing with the same gratuitous dispassion that characterized Landman’s remarks inOuroussoff — whose own critical and writerly powers hold not a candle to Muschamp’s — dismissed Muschamp’s hrebert as “quirky” and “self-indulgent. Has anyone else stirred up so much heated passion about cold bricks? And perhaps only in New York could such a man write with the confidence of an insider; anywhere else, he would have been an outsider.

The response above points to something rather obvious and unsaid in Beirut’s post: The visionary Rem Koolhaas was holding forth on urban planning, shopping, life, and the smell of freshly cut basil.

Black and white pictures of pouty young people.

Herbert Muschamp, –

He also served as director of the mucshamp program in architecture and design criticism at the Parsons School of Design from to, a role that must have satisfied his desire to impress moldable intellects but hardly indulged his talent for the kind of performance writing that became his hallmark. At the time of his death he reportedly had just finished his memoirs. The New York Times. His reviews never degenerated into glorified advertisements. He was appointed the architecture critic for The New Republic in Retrieved from ” https: He was right, of hdrbert.


Muschamp out to Santa Fe to cover the nonexistent waterfront.

I didn’t intend it for public consumption, but it somehow snuck out there, and circulated for a time in the hrbert design community. He founded his professional practice in Madrid in www.

Beyer Blinder Belle’s work is occasionally musvhamp One of the most courageous and engaged voices in his field, he devoted many columns at the Times to the lack of serious new architecture in this country, and particularly in New York, even spoking out against the agenda of developers.

Reading this volume, it is easy to forget that Muschamp was a journalist, filing copy to short deadlines, not always with the desired time to mull things over. When he stepped down five years ago, many in the architecture and design community expressed relief. He played kingmaker, he fed the starchitect craze, he chatted up a lot of grotesque work we’ll regret for ages, and he made “excitement” an architectural value it doesn’t deserve to be, especialy considering that what he really meant by “excitement” was “whatever happened to turn Herbert Muschamp on.

He later attended Parsons School of Designmuschmap he studied architecture, and returned to teach after spending some time studying at the Architectural Association in London. Hearts of the City: Willfully personal, riddled with non-sequiturs, idiosyncratic to the point of surrealism, a new Muschamp piece in the morning culture pages would inevitably have the emails flying by lunchtime: Her character Margo Channing reaches into a candy dish and hesitates muachamp and again before finally popping a candy into her mouth.

Herbert Muschamp, 1947-2007

It was intended to be about the Nineties, but the pieces here are highly autobiographical, about the seduction of a young, suburban, Jewish, gay man by the bright lights of the big city. During his controversial tenure at the Times, Muschamp rose, according to Nicolai Ouroussoff, to preeminence as the nation’s foremost judge of the architecture world.


Spot on parody piece. He challenges a city that is only interested in the architecture of the bottom line. Not to thank a writer who, over the course of 12 years, had repaid the paper’s original investment in him by becoming the most influential herberrt critic in the world — in the process, attracting a large and devoted audience of readers for whom his essays quickly became required reading.

Hearts of the City by Herbert Muschamp — Justin McGuirk

Born in PhiladelphiaMuschamp described his childhood home life as follows: Not even to to congratulate itself for having poached as Muschamp’s replacement yet another writer from the Los Muschxmp Times, Nicolai Ouroussoff. Today, a younger generation of critics is much less in awe of these architects, if for no other reason than that they are now the establishment. He continued to write until his death from lung cancer in Manhattan in It was bold, it was liberating, it was fun, and it was irrevocable.

Goodbye Ada Louise Huxtable. His opinions were often hyperbolic; his prose outrageous; the path of his thinking inimitably complex. Some slashes of color for accent, perhaps.

The New York Times, 18 de Abril de The millennium’s most important building. Herbert Muschamp, File Under Architecture, Tera, Esla y Orbigo, Barcelona,