Black Saddle Mushroom — Click for larger image. H. lacunosa is frequently found in large numbers in California, especially under Monterey pines and oak trees. Head of the fruit body cm high, cm broad, convoluted and irregularly lobed, sometimes saddle-shaped; margin attached to stipe at several points; flesh. NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that Helvella lacunosa probably does not occur in North America, and instead we have a number of black Elfin Saddle .

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It has been reported to cause gastrointestinal symptoms when eaten raw.

Helvella lacunosa ()

Stir in the rice, reduce to a simmer, cover, and cook for 20 minutes. When the rice is done, allow it to rest off the heat for at least 5 minutes.

In our area it is most common under pine. Probably mycorrhizal ; growing alone, scattered, or gregariously in woods under conifers–often in disturbed ground roadbanks, landscaping sites, and so on ; in eastern North America usually found in wet, mossy areas in cold conifer bogs; summer and fall, or in winter and spring in coastal California; widely distributed in northern and montane North America, and along the West Coast.


Millipedes and insects frequently use these crevices as temporary homes. Simmer for about 5 minutes. I did not experience any GI distress, but I was very cautious to only eat a very small amount of it, so I could not possibly weigh in on the overall safety and advisability of eating Elfin Saddles based on personal experience. Kuo, Then add the asparagus and broth.

Add salt as necessary.

The Atrium

Lobster Mushrooms — Hypomyces Lactifluorum. These black, wrinkle-capped mushrooms occur late in the winter on the West Coast. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Helvella lacunosa. The water should be discarded. The texture of the mushroom complements asparagus. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. A Preliminary Account of the Genus Helvella. For other fungi with a similar name, see elfin saddle. The Genus Helvella in Michigan.

University of Minnesota Press.

Stir for another few minutes until the almonds are golden, then set aside. But beware of a common white to pink mold that attacks and coats the surface of the cap. Photo by Anna McHugh.

Helvella over and out. Mushrooms in their Natural Habitats.

Views Read Edit View history. They should be parboiled before pickling. It started this way. At first glance, Helvella lacunosa is likely to be mistaken for something dried-up and blackened, but close inspection reveals a fresh mushroom, quite beautiful in its ornateness and dark colors.


It is found in Eastern North America and in Europe, near deciduous and coniferous trees in summer and autumn. The Elfin Saddle sports a folded, bubbly, or lumpy cap that looks much like Gyromitra. Helvella lacunosa Afzelius ex Fries Systema mycologicum 2: They have thick, convoluted, and sometimes shiny or slick rounded caps. Still no mushrooms…hey, wait a second!

Cite this page as: The black saddle mushroom stands out dramatically against white pasta. Larger Fungi Excluding Gill Fungi. Talk to you in a few. Discard the boiled water. We now know that the real Helvella lacunosa of Europe does not occur here. A common mid-winter mushroom, Helvella lacunosa is variable in form and color, but its deeply furrowed stipe and dark, convoluted cap are distinctive. Poisonous mushrooms of the northern United States and Canada.

Ask a question or share your mushroom story! Serve with any meat or fish, and a tossed salad. Add the slivered almonds.

It is probably the most common species in the genus Helvella.