The time of fluidization in a jig can thus be controlled in such a way as to make Plunger jigs are typified by variations of the Harz Jig (Figure ) that provide. HARTZ TYPE JIG. • List item here. • List item here. • List item here. • List item here . Over 50 years, Mineral Process. Equipment Pvt. Ltd. has enabled cus-. mineral jig and Harz jig. The operating variables used to determine the effectiveness of jigging include, particle size, velocity of water and amplitude. Recovery of.

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The tailings will be free from fine free mineral, because, while the grains of heavy mineral are much smaller than the grains of quartz, they are not fine enough to go into the tailings as fine free mineral.

The total plunger-jig screen- area was 11, jih. It is similar to the ordinary plunger type of jig except that the plunger action is supplanted by a pulsating water current. The Wengler Classifier — This consists of hopper-shaped pockets, see Fig.

This gives the large grain of galena a diagonal path considerably in advance of the quartz. Additional data gladly furnished upon request.

We think you have liked this presentation. I was not satisfied with this first test, as its field was too small, and so I had it repeated with a very long glass tube, 6 ft. Jig may have belt or motor drive. Summing up, we have: Pneumatics jigs can treat minerals as fine as 65 jgi, as course as 1to 1.

We may now size these products on our series of sieves and lay them out on a board and photograph them, Fig. The small lot of middlings produced was 1.

Hindered Settling Equipment & Classifier Review

At the same time uig delivers a spigot- product free from slime. What Can be Done to Improve Vanner-Tailings resulting from mixed feed without preparatory classification? The amount of hutch is extremely small, and consists of particles abraded from the ore.

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Harz Jigs differ in principle from all those previously described, inasmuch as the particles are separated by their fall through a somewhat deeper column of water than is the case on inclined tables, while a series of blows from below, causing waves moving upwards, continually brings the particles into suspension, and allows them to drop again.

This is caused by the rising of the plunger when returning preparatory to the next downward or pulsion stroke. In coal washing ,pieces as course as 4 to 5 inches can be washed in jigs. Hindered-settling would put into the overflow multiplier is about 3: This gives a seventh product. A supplementary condition occurs also in the overflow. The fine free mineral grains liable to contaminate the tailings of the concentrators that follow are much easier kept out from those tailings.

Where valuable mineral severs easily from the gangue, if it is brought down to twice the size of the grains of the valuable mineral, then they may be nearly all severed. The rotating water valve is timed to admit water only on the plunger up-stroke and is located on the end of the eccentric shaft. It was probably never put into use but once and then immediately thrown out.

Definition of Harz jig

hxrz By David Michaud T The material treated was sized between 9-mm. It yields its series of products graded from coarse to fine. The advantages gained by the pulsator-jig far more than compensate for the above-mentioned disadvantage.

Many plants are treating ores in which the gangue is free at a coarse mesh and where a coarse bulk concentrate is economical.

The tests, however, indicated that the pulsating current could be made to act much more evenly than the steady current; that is to say, the avoidance of downward hurtful currents could be gained to a much greater. Auth with social network: Observe also the wonderfully wide valley between the quartz and galena heaps in Fig. The hindered-settling inverted pulsator-classifier, Fig. This size jig is most desirable for trial installation in large tonnage mills to determine the desirability of a jig in the circuit, as it can operate on small quantities of material of the same size as that handled by the larger size jigs.


In this case 1 sq. This guarantees a hindered-settling chamber in the upper part of the cone. Here one sees the hindered-settling chamber, H, and below it the constriction, C, for each of the pockets, and again below the constriction and pressure-box furnishing the upward current in a helical form and also the water for the spigot.

In making a study of the separation of valuable minerals from the waste gangue, particularly by water concentrators, it is necessary to define, first of all, what are the causes of loss that are likely to interfere with the concentration. At Great Falls, Mont. Such a computation for bulbs 4, 5, and 6 gave the results in Table V.

When so adjusted a considerable portion of the water which rose during pulsion could overflow, and therefore the amount of water which came down during suction was very much reduced. The plunger-jigs had 12, sq.

They are built of several compartment in a series. This makes it still more impossible for the constriction to have a downward current on one side with upward current on the other, carrying slimes into the earlier spigots, and thereby guarantees tailings free from fine free mineral.

Under these conditions the heavy particles work downwards and pass through the sieve, while the lighter gangue is carried away horizontally by a stream of water introduced either from below or from above. This gives a helical rising-current, that is, a current flowing up in the direction of the thread of a screw. I Need Consulting Engineering Help.

Mild suction appears not to have been very satisfactory in either case. To put the hindered-settling principle into practical final form I have made five designs: It was then jigging with mild suction. The side tube represents here the relations between the grains.