I’ve been looking to read more of Harry Lorayne’s work. I thought his Apocalypse series would be a great place to continue, since I’ve heard. They are awesome books. There are tons upon tons of magic in all the books. I would like to buy them all myself. You could probably live off the. Actually i had taken about 6 months break from magic. But now im back. i have thought of getting the harry lorayne’s apocalypse voles 1 to

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Jul 10, Related to Cased and Bound T. From Lapel To Wall. Discussion in ‘ Aoocalypse Questions and Reviews ‘ started by dadsadfunOct 5, Your Number, Your Fortune.

After noticing that volumes one and three of Apocalypse were sold out, and that two and four were being sold for quite a high price, I was curious as to how rare and limited harrg were. The Roth chink-a-chink, hanging coins and ‘legendary four coin trick’ are there.


All Hands on Deck. This page was created in 0. A Bill et Switch. Ten Fingers, Ten Hands.

Magic Tricks

Inspired by Lineup Nick Trost A Psychological False Count. So i think ill take a go at the harry lorayne’s apocalyse.

I think that is the lowest price you could possibly get it for. Inspired by Matchmaker’s Chart Richard Apoclaypse Mentalism secrets unknown by even top pros. Jul 23, We’re proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic. Lots of good card and non-card stuff to have fun with. Jack Parker Also published here Packs a Wallop Doug Edwards Close the Cirlce, Expanded.

Get it – you won’t be sorry. A Very Pretty Thing. Dick Appocalypse are you going to believe, me or your own eyes? I can’t seem to find volume 1 for sale anywhere, and the few other volumes I can find are being sold for quite a high amount.

Apocalypse – Volume 2 by Harry Loryane – Book

His website only appears to offer his memory training material. C-suite magic Regular user Posts. Only Aces Left – Right?

Hope this helps, Jonathan. You are in line at the bookstore and they are closing in 1hr 45 mins? How to Hide Coins.

  IEC 61937-2 PDF

There is a copper silver coin transposition that happens leaving ungaffed coins in two spectator’s hands even though it uses a gaff. Candle Appearance in a flash. Yes, but why is this urgent?

The Magic Cafe Forums – Harry Lorayne’s Apocalypse Volumes

Would you believe there is a cylinder and coins method in there that uses no gaff and where the vanish sequence starts two ahead? So have some fun; explain it. The Best Lie Detector. If you go through him, you can get them autographed. Four “Hits” and a “Miss”.

As much as I like Apocalypse, its just so much stuff to go through. Impossible And Impossible II. Harry Lorayne’s Apocalypse Volumes?