Sep 15, Gyrodactyluschileani n. sp. is the first Gyrodactylus species reported from Chile. It is an ectoparasite living on fins and skin of a small fish, the. Gyrodactylus species are ubiquitous monogenean parasites of teleosts with over .. Gyrodactylus sp. occurs on the skin and the others on the gills. None of. analysis that Gyrodactylus corleonis sp. n. from S. typhle and Gyrodactylus neretum sp. n. from S. scovelli represent distinct species. Both G. corleonis and G .

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Pair-wise genetic distances based on the 5. FishBase, World Wide Web electronic publication. Infected tissues were removed from the moribund fish and subsequently sent to the Fyrodactylus of Aquaculture, University of Stirling Scotland, UK for identification.

Fifteen specimens were studied for light microscopy.

Molecular analysis The bodies of 2 specimens were individually transferred to a 0. Studies on Gyrodactylus Trematoda: The gyrodactylid material prepared from A.


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First description of monogenean parasites in Lake Tanganyika: A comparison of soft body features suggests that the posterior pharynx bulb of G. The use of native fish, rather than introduced species, as biological controls, therefore, is highly recommended to avoid these potential ecological impacts. The considerable geographical spread of the three species assigned to this new G.

Using molecular phylogenetics, it is shown that the marine species groups of Gyrodactylus may have a worldwide distribution. New species of Gyrodactylus and Dactylogyrus Trematoda: Site of infection Skin, fins and occasionally gills. The true sister species of G.

Gyrodactylus Biology

Views Read Edit View history. The number of described species was in the latest checklist Harris et al.

Sequencing of the nuclear ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacers 1 and 2 and the 5. The sequence fragment of approximately bp encoding partial 18S 32 bpITS1 bp5.

Together with two other species gyrodacrylus Gyrodactylus from Europe, which are related by ITS rDNA, it forms a new marine species group, which has crossed the equator during its evolutionary history. Sampling date July 22nd, Due to the limited number of G. International Journal for Parasitology.


Gyrodactylus – Wikipedia

BoxOulu, Finland. The Journal of Parasitology. Deberiotstraat 32, B Leuven, Belgium. Age-structured population models have been used to assess the impact of disease-induced mortality at different stages of the life-cycle ep salmonids Clers A molecular comparison of G. World Wide Web electronic publication. Aedes albopictus mosquitoes introduced into Brazil: This lineage also accommodates two recently described species, i.

Morphological and molecular taxonomy of a new species of fundulotrema and comments on Gyrodactylus stephanus Monogenea: Support Center Support Center. Cyprinodontiformes in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The accession number for the ITS