Guy Needler MBA, MSc, CEng, MIET, MCMA initially trained as a mechanical engineer and quickly progressed on to be a chartered electrical and electronics. Here is the Recording and Transcript from Guy Needler’s monthly World Satsanga. They are produced and broadcast in conjunction with Kevin. Guy Steven Needler. likes. Author and Pioneer in Spiritual Physics.

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In The Anne Dialogues we find out: He is a 5th Dan National Coach with 28 years experience and is currently working on the use of spiritual energy within the physical side of the art. We hope that you will take the journey with us and explore the possibilities of the Universe and Beyond. Looking forward to additional books. I have read a lot of spiritual books and Dolores Cannon led me to you. For example, If I create a neeler point about what to do on Saturday night and I create two event spaces, one where I go to a movie with Friend A and another event space where I go to a sporting event with Friend B, who is attending with whom?

When multiple event spaces are created from making a decision and multiple versions or copies of the incarnation experience these event spaces, how do these versions relate to the other incarnations around them? To share needlee gift, he writes books and teaches workshops, performs needlsr, readings and lectures worldwide. Guy Needler 13th December at 9: It is the channeling that has resulted in “The History of God” and is producing further work.

You are truly an inspiration to humanity. The void would now have sentience and would undergo the process of tsimtzum.


What Is the Big Picture? CM 20th March at 5: Look forward to checking out your web page yet again. Earth experimentFree willParallel livesSoul seatWhite children. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. This is a behind the energetic scenes look at what happens in the incarnation process.

Guy Steven Needler | The Dawn of a New Age of Science

And why would God have to use a buffer at all — too much activity or interaction requests to process? I thoroughly enjoy your work in the realm of spiritual physics.

Guy Needler 19th May at 8: Everyone should have a copy of this book! The only entities that truly have free will are the Origin, and non-captive OM? Hi Joshua, In my understanding the Annukai are a small independent group from the remnants of the Atlantian civilisation. Similar to how we are future advanced versions of ourselves to when we were babies, fetus or sperms.

The example here relates to the physical universe and above, but because the Earth is a pan-frequential body — that being, needled exists on all twelve frequencies associated with the physical universe this also applies to what we experience whilst incarnate on Earth.

Needler, Guy

Guy Needler 1st February at 5: I have just completed the Anne Dialogues and have a few questions. When we ascend the frequencies though, we start to see more universal content. Those who move onwards, generally ugy in a slow, repeatable and robust way.

For more shipping options. Learn how your comment data is processed. How Do Entities Progress? Th The 5th full dimension is a much higher level of structure.

Notify me of new posts by email. Proof of the New Earth is all around us for those that have moved onwards before us move out of our visual and perceptual range, they lose contact with us, they appear to disappear. Recording and Transcript of Jan. In order for the Origin to evolve to better understand itself, does the intent or illusion of separation from the Origin have to exceed the force of reconnecting its energetic units with itself?


Its an eery, needoer feeling. This book reveals the first six of the twelve Source Entities and the work that each of them has done in their own environments which are very different to each other. I have a big question about parallel selves.

There are quite a few TV shows about more dystopian worlds e. It was such a joy to find you! Thank you for your interest. How does one go about doing that? Learn more about Amazon Prime. How to improve my health wealth. What Are Human Root Races? Bridging Science and Spirituality with New Thought. How Do Parallel Selves Differ?

Energetic Basis Of Disease? It seems that the more we are, the more we can become and the more we become, the more we can yet be. He discovered many things about the “greater reality”, illustrated in nsedler first book ‘The History of God’, which explains where god came from, needelr creation of the universes and the purpose of life on Earth.

Reset Key 16th September at 3: What Is the Law Of Gender? Friend B, who is attending with whom? Are multiple event spaces created by all decisions, both needlre and trivial?