The GV-NVR (Network Video Recorder) records video and audio data over TCP/ IP networks. With up to 32 channels of pure IP surveillance, the GV-NVR offers. Security Controls for safe guarding property Camera Installer plus Service in the Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona and surrounding area. Geovision DVR NVR Software Manual – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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Sets the main stream to H. This feature helps correct distortion towards the edge of the camera view.

Specify the maximum time length of each recorded file. Increases or decreases the gain of the microphone. Disabling the alerts will not disable alert settings and the detection in progress.

Click the Setup button for further settings. Displays camera ID, location name, date and time on the recorded video. Define a time period you want the mode to run. Before using this feature, make sure all the necessary hardware are in place: Click the Rec button. Playing Back Video Files If the video geovisiion has the Privacy Mask settings, and you want to retrieve the recoverable block-out area s in the exported file, type a valid ID and password in the Remove Recoverable Privacy Mask region s field.

See below for a list of all possible Geovision applications that may be open. Transmits simultaneously audio and video but may create geoivsion interruption depending on your network condition. For example, the figure below has the original Host icon replaced with the icon drawn with a red line across it.


The higher the value, the more sensitive the system is for changes in the camera view. Click to back up the files from System Log. Check this item to enable the alarm when the identified text is detected. Figure [Momentary Mode] Pushbutton switches that are normally open and stay closed only as long as the button is pressed. Clear the selection for Display detected faces to blur human faces when the user watch recorded events in ViewLog.

Geovision 8.5 Manual – Surveillance System, Security Cameras, and

The retrievable areas will be protected by password. Prevents recorded events from being recycled when the disk becomes full. Ggeovision files saved on the hard disk can be deleted as well.

Type the IP address, username and password of the IP camera. Click the Video Polling button No. Displays the camera status of the connected GV-System. The default port value is The Quick Search window will appear. The default value is With Live Object Index, you may view the most recent 50 frames captured.

If only one PTZ camera is available, it can be applied for Object Zooming, letting you configure four critical views for real-time zooming. Click the Save button No. Click the Schedule button to set a schedule to enable the function.

Inset window Figure 3. If you want to remain the recoverable block-out area s in the exported file, leave the field blank. Check the Accept option to make other options available. The never-recycling flag Manhal never-recycling option Figure 2. Click the Detect button to test the connection with the modem. See the section below on beovision to set up the MDB filter.


See Filter Settings later in this chapter. Paint, select Show snapshot at the bottom of the Moving Object List window and double-click the desired frame.

Geovision Manual – Surveillance System, Security Cameras, and – PDF Drive

Reviews images frame by frame in thumbnails. Use the slider to adjust the time length of each saved clip. The maximum size of the geovisiob file is 2 GB. When you forget the password, the password can be sent to your e-mail account. Lists the video events and their total time length. Use the slider to choose the maximum number of objects to be tracked.

CCTV Camera Pros Geovision 8.5 Multicam Digital Surveillance System User Manual

For this example, the System-Wide feature is enabled in Output 1. Click OK to apply your settings. Select Turbo mode, and click OK.

Click to specify the idle time. Click the Camera and Audio buttons to select which camera and audio are accessible through multicast. The two windows appear. The input name can be found and modified in Figure