Bruges-La-Morte by Georges Rodenbach is one of those minor pieces of world literature that can have a major effect on the reader. It is not a sublime work of art, . 3 / 1 / Georges Rodenbach, Bruges-la-Morte. James Elkins. This is the book most often taken as the starting point for novels illustrated with photographs. BRUGES-LA-MORTE t ‘Ronance. BY. GEORGES RODENBACH. Translated from the rench, with a Critical. Introduction, by. THOMAS DUNCAN. WITH THREE.

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Il suo influsso si trasmette a tutti quelli che vi soggiornano.


Still, the streets of Bruges have a sl The morbid obsession of an inconsolable bereavement, and the dual mapping of that loss onto city streets, fog-bound and empty, and onto a rodehbach living object, innocent of the simulacrum she’s been forced to become.

It also has the bonus of being available free online, since it is in the public domain. When rodenbsch not staring at her pictures, he’s out taking moody walks along the canals. Conclusioni Per ora i miei appostamenti sul mercato dell’usato, certo inevitabilmente incostanti, rivelatisi infruttuosi, mi hanno costretto a rassegnarmi alla lettura “di biblioteca”, ma la scoperta di un buon romanzo in ottima edizione mi sprona a proseguire la ricerca di una copia tutta mia.

The Babel version, edited by Christian Berg, does not reproduce a single one of the 35 photographs reproduced in the original book version: It has a taste of the absurd about it. I was also impressed by how he worked his themes into the narrative, in a way that is touching and engaging without being too heavy-handed.

Bruges-la-Morte, though, edges away from allegory, or maintains a pious silence as to whether it is, or is not, allegorical. View all 4 comments. This is the book most often taken as the starting point for novels illustrated with photographs. Or consider how it is said that the face of Jane, the look-alike, becomes that of his wife, how, to be specific, after seeing Jane her face actually replaces that of his wife in his memory.

She is not seated in the audience.

Review: Bruges-la-Morte by Georges Rodenbach | Books | The Guardian

Funny how, years later, I can still picture that one pose, how everything else has fallen away — all the bitterness, the arguments, the boredom — and left only that. I sometimes get the worrying feeling that nineteenth-century men preferred their women to be dead than alive. Georgea modella a immagine dei suoi paesaggi e delle sue campane. If Debussy hadn’t done it, Alban Berg would have been ideal. Tragedy can already be anticipated in gworges opening paragraph, but plotline is totally superfluous in this case.


Is it a ghost? E The photographs are of a city.

Bruges-la-Morte, which first appeared inconcerns the fate of Hugues Viane, a widower who has turned to the melancholy, decaying city of Bruges as the ideal location in which to mourn his wife and as a suitable haven for the narcissistic perambulations of his inexorably disturbed spirit.

He had thought long and hard about killing himself. His prose is that special kind that, if I can write this without too much cringing, glides along the page, with grace and absolutely without pretension. Personally, I generally have more time for the realist works of the period: That woman, oh, how he had adored her!

The photographs seem most like documents of Bruges when we think of them as stock photographs chosen by Rodenbach, or when we notice—as Edwards does—that they were made with plate cameras with shifted bellows to ensure the verticals remain upright. This, it soon becomes clear, is because his wife of ten years is dead. D The city is a photograph. I keep thinking about music so much because so much music resides in the words, even in the very able translation.

It is not a projection of our loss but that we chose to live here, a place which occupies our feelings, moods. But anyway, however interesting this early use of photography may be, the real star is Rodenbach’s prose.

Eerie and poetic, this was a key text of the Belgian Symbolists, admired by Huysmans and Mallarme with obvious cause. Il freddo, la tristezza, l’apatia, il sogno, il desiderio, la fede sono trasmessi con poche, semplici parole, che dicono tutto e trasmettono molto altro.

Un’atmosfera suggestiva e suggestionabile, quella di Bruges.

Bruges-la-morte by Georges Rodenbach – Free Ebook

Having lost his wife, Hugues Viane moves to the melancholy city of Bruges in Belgium where he lives a somber life morosely contemplating his loss some five years ago.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Books by Georges Rodenbach. Certainly there is, whatever you want to call it, something unhealthy and peculiar about his behaviour even at this early stage of the narrative. Those suffering similar personal circumstances will find it remarkably consoling. The first edition, pictured left and dating fromwas published by Babel. This is what the narrative elaborates. He had gone too far.

georrges Rodenbach interspersed his text with dozens of black-and-white photographs of Bruges. Strangely enough, however, it does include eight pages of documents that are inserted, for some reason, in the middle of chapter four. The portrait quality is especially clear in photographs with water, towers, or the main Bruges belfry.


This act of doubling is one in which Georges Rodenbach is extremely interested in that it proves how the dead die twice, the first death being their physical death and the second being when our memories of them begin to fade, causing those mental images to which we cling to no longer be sources of recollection and comfort: Inevitabile pensare all’ hitchicockiano Vertigo leggendo dei primi incontri con l’inaspettata sosia, dei pedinamenti nel teatro, del tentativo di trasformarla nell’ altra vestendola degli abiti dell “originale” tra parentesi una doppia chiave di lettura di Vertigo vuole che in effetti Hitchcock tentasse di trasformare Kim Novak in Tippi Hedren Jul 04, Czarny Pies rated it really liked it Recommends it for: A modern reader can’t help seeing the effect as Sebaldian.

Hugues Viane is a widower who has turned to the melancholy, decaying city of Bruges as the ideal location in which to mourn his wife and as a backdrop for the narcissistic wanderings of his disturbed spirit.

A brief glimpse of Bruges

He becomes obsessed brubes a young dancer whom he believes is the double of his rodenbch wife, leading him to psychological torment and humiliation, culminating in a dera Hugues Viane is a widower who has turned to the melancholy, decaying city of Bruges as the ideal location in which to mourn his wife and as a backdrop for the narcissistic wanderings of his disturbed spirit. Return to Book Page. The first person appears, I think, in photo no.

He produced some Parisian and purely imitative work; but a major part of his production is the outcome of a passionate idealism of the quiet Flemish towns in which he had passed his childhood and early youth. Towns above all have a personality, a spirit of their own, an almost externalised character which corresponds to joy, new love, renunciation, widowhood.

When she appears at roodenbach window, the town is scandalized; and Hugues pulls her back. At the bottom of the page before this spread, we read: