Ge VAT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Ge VAT Instruction Manual. View and Download GE VAT instruction manual online. AC SPEED CONTROL EQUIPMENT. VAT Controller pdf manual download. GE’s distributor or our sales representatives who will be willing to help you. Please keep GE’s inverters are all passed the function test before delivery. Please.

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The operation starts from the run speed and operation time applied when the operation was previously stopped.

Chapter 8 Maintenance And Inspection Phase conductors only pass through output ferrite ring, Not earth conductor p It is important that the lead length from filter to inverter and unscreened length of motor output cable be kept as short as possible.

This value can be set from either serial communication or through the Operation panel this allows two different settings. Some of these include settings that must be made according to the power supply and motor constants before vatt2000 starting operation.

The output frequency speed changes immediately according to the operation.

The wire length must be 30m or less. Chapter 2 Installation And Wiring Preparation For Operation Automatic tuning measures the constants of the connected motor, and automatically adjusts the parameters so that the system is used to their maximum performance. Operation Panel Keypad Changing modes block parameters There are five modes of display on the operation panel. Increase the deceleration time setting A Monitors displays the internal status.


Page of Go. Test Operation With Operation Panel When this parameter is set, all the acceleration and deceleration ramps available in the VAT will be S-type.

Failure to do so could lead to electrical shocks or fires. The following is an example in which the Fault History Mode is entered. Find and order Fanuc CNC machine spares with just a few clicks from wherever you are. C to 5 and C Frequency vt2000 setting input A: Control mode change- Select control at speed vaf2000 error over during speed Page 81 This will affect the current response. This is the reference speed table.

Freque ncy B 0 When va2t000 the DBR option, calculate the value with the following formula and set. Changing Of Terminal Functions It is possible to use any analog input either as setting or feedback. The output frequency or var2000 speed is the target for comparison. Use a shielded wire shorter than 30m for the wiring. The contents of this manual can be changed without notice Troubleshooting With Fault Display 8.


Test Operation and Adjustment Test operation with operation panel The test operation with the operation gat2000 is performed with the following procedure. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting with fault display Useful to avoid loss of operation because of unexpected drive trip. M’ fluctuations greatly immediately after entering the constant output range, so set using the following diagram as a reference. When using the external DBR resistor, is recommended the use of a thermal relay 76Dto prevent burning as gee in Fig.

Extended tuning for Vector Cnt. The program ramp time can also be switched at this time allowing individual acceleration or deceleration ramp for each speed.


A drop in voltage, phase dropout or power supply failure may have occurred. The contents of this manual can be changed without notice. There are a total of nine different setting, all selectable.

GE VAT2000 Instruction Manual

Chapter 4 Operation Panel Operation Panel Keypad Modes and parameters The parameters to be used differ depending vat20000 the vatt2000 mode C Sensor mode uses a encoder fited on motor shaft to feedback the real motor speed.

Parameter B software option function Parameter C hardware option function Failure to observe this could lead to injuries.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Names Of Each Part Test Operation and Adjustment 5 Starting automatic tuning Automatic tuning will start when the key or key is pressed according to the required rotation direction.

Sequence Input Logic Traverse run Function selection — The correspondence of each LED segment and signal is shown in the next page. If the response is too low or too high, the current will become unstable, and the over current protection will function.

Automatic tuning measures the constants of the connected motor, and cat2000 adjusts the parameters so that the system is used to their maximum performance. The method to set VAT basic operation is explained in this section.