Standards. All GE panelboards meet the latest revision of the following standards . —National Electrical Code-Ref. Article —UL67 panelboards: UL BuyLog® Catalog. Molded Case Circuit Breakers. Rev. 9/ Prices and data subject to change without notice. Section 3. Industrial Circuit Breakers. GE Fastrac Program Service. —Fastrac A-Series® Panelboards: Fastrac shipment of A-Series® Panelboards A – A is available for select main and .

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GE BuyLog — Section 9: Disconnect Switches and Operating

The door interlock is defeatable with a small tool to allow authorized access. Fast Shipments GE Fastrac is a quick-ship program that gives you access to a broad range of custom built and contr ol products with an expedited shipping schedule. The key interlock extends a lever through the padlock hasp when the key is turned to the key removal or bolt extended position.

It is suitable for control interlock schemes in which manual closing capability would not be convenient or desirable.

Ratings Vac Ratings Vdc No. Manual closing of the switch can only be performed by means of buulog small diameter rod. FP suffix indicates thai all AFP filler plates.

GE BuyLog — Section 9: Disconnect Switches and Operating

Bell Alarm With Lockout The bell alarm with lockout module combines both the bell alarm and a manual lockout function. General Electric Catalogue A Mfg: Download both catalogs or just the one you need. Mechanical Indicator — protrudes when ground fault occurs.


All switches are prewired to dedicated secondary terminals for easy field installation. Terminal shield for line or load side. When activated, the shunt trip module sends a signal to the control unit to open the switch.

GE Aftermarket Catalog

This information is provided only for use interpreting product numbers. The electronic shunt trip, the bell bulog, the bell alarm with mechanical lockout, and the undervoltage release modules are drop-in from the front of the switch, interchangeable across all frames, and require no field internal wiring or switch disassembly.

The pushbutton cover accessory consists of transparent hinged covers that can be individually sealed to the limited access assembly.

The remote close accessory is continuously rated and has an anti-pump feature, which prevents a motor operated switch from repeatedly closing into a fault. This accessory provides mounting for key interlocks that are furnished by the customer.

Disconnect Switches and Operating advertisement.

Their installation simply involves removal of switch cover, biylog of the switch module, routing of wiring and installation of the pre-wired terminal block and re-installation of the bbuylog. A pa ir of relay contacts co nsist s of one up per and one lowe r con tact.

These switches are percent rated and can interrupt, on a make and break basis, a minimum of 12 times their nameplate rating without fuse assistance at Vac.

For DC use outer poles. GEPN pages This new edition is your comprehensive guide to product selection and pricing for GE electrical control products. Mechanical Operations Counter The mechanical operations counter is mounted behind the front cover of the switch. Operation of the bell alarm with lockout module can be independently set by means of setting the DIP switches at the rear of the control unit.


GE Aftermarket Catalog

Refer to the table for the appropriate Class R Fusing Kit. Revpt 1 pages. The bell alarm may be reset manually by depressing the mechanical target, or automatically by closing the switch. The ampere fusible switches are UL Recognized for use on gge capable of delivering not more thanrms symmetrical amperes at or Vac when fused with Class R rated size fuses. Key Interlock Provisions The key interlock provision enables the user to mount a one- to buyog, narrowfaced, Kirk-type FN or Superior customer-supplied lock on the face of the switch.

It cannot be used to build product numbers. Complete installation in buylig without special tools, switch —High Transient Voltage Withstandability disassembly or adjustment Interphase partitions mesh with switch midcover to completely —The user can select how protective control unit buhlog, the isolate each pole.

This accessory is used to limit access to the manual “ON” control to authorized personnel. It is viewable through a rectangular knockout window opening in the switch cover. Long Fuse Outline and Seminar Assignment. Order from pages or GEPN pages Add 1.