The instructions provided here are insufficient for completing a working ACD installation. While the subject of attaching a supply cable to the ACD is. The Furman ACD Power Distro is a compact rack mount power distribution system that is ideal for touring PA systems, touring musical and theatrical acts. Find great deals for Furman Acd AC Power Distribution ACD Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Now, I could think of scenarios where if I lose one ground from supply, and simultaneously short the floating ground and hot on one of my circuit’s loads, the most I can get is volts to good ground, not Asking firm, see pictures for You are connected directly to the main service of the building most times and can have greater confidence in knowing you stuff is wired correctly even if the buildings wiring is suspect.

The majority of cost-effective product of its furmsn.

Tom Bennett Newbie Offline Posts: Is there a list of common connectors with some identifying pics anywhere to be had. The 4 wire to 3 prong adapter is either a neutral tied to ground, a ground used as a neutral, or a lifted ground.

The one downside to the ACD is that amps with high inrush current on power up Crest Pro series can trip the breakers easily. Nothing personal what so ever.

This plug also comes in a 3 phase version, but you will have to rewire the internal buss of the distro to use it in a 3 phase mode. Then the lighting guy turned all his crap on at once and popped two of the breakers as we were apparently sharing the power on those two circuits. I have found that most venues have lots of 15 amp outlets.


For me that was the last straw. I think you are going to have troubles finding any amp connector connections. On the bright side, having 4 isolated hot and neutral conductors on my system gives us 4 isolated circuits.

To tell anyone on a public board, read by weekend warriors, that ac-d100 should learn to tie in without regard is just plain misguided. Why not make an equivalent unit like I described above, but in one package with breaker switches and power status lights. No offense, but this is bad advice. Home Pro Audio Power Equipment rzacasuwxrdcca. And you should be also plan on the clubs that don’t have good power Something to think about when you’re plugging in to random circuits.

Login or Sign Up. I won’t comment acd-10 the three prong adapter, as eventhough we just run our own ground, it is still not code to tie in that way.

Furman ACD AC Power Distribution Rack ACD B&H Photo

If you’re lucky, some venues may have this Hubble plug already. It could be reset as soon as the overload is corrected-there is no cool-down hold-up time called for if a breaker should qcd-100. At best, you could probably illegally “chop shop” a standard 3 phase breaker panel, and install three separate 20 amp extension cord feeders with three separated, isolated, floating un-bonded to chassis neutral busses, and one bonded ground bus bar, but why go illegal???

I guess what I’m saying is Cable television termination is a simple process of cracking out and stripping the specific conductors and connecting them with established screws, then tightening the pressure comfort clamp. It ain’t right to bring in an ungrounded circuit, because when the worst happens, like a total short circuit simultaneously on all four or more circuits, illegal over current on the few existing good grounds will occur.


Furman ACD 100 ac power distro

My secon question is if I definitely need a distro like the furmanACD and if the answer is yes how is the procedure, and what stuff should I connect there? And you should be also plan on the clubs that don’t have good power which you probably already have covered pretty well. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. Each Furman unit has its own 20 amp breaker.

ProSoundWeb Community

You can draw up to 80 amps from four separate circuits! Yes but if this helps me to have more protection that could be good. Be the first to review this item. In this state, tie in is illegal unless you are a licensed electrician.

A strain relief clamp is provided that can accommodate a cable or wire bundle up to 1.

Not Specified by Manufacturer. There is added protection when using a distro. I have three crown xti power amps to run everything separated.

FURMAN ACD Power Distro for Sale in Middletown, New York Classified |

I would give you different advise than I would give him. Usually the ground was bad or the circuit noisy. Test for polarity too. Either V single phase, V single phase, or V 3-phase.