8 ago. Resumo: As aves figuram entre os mais importantes dispersores de sementes em praticamente todos os ambientes terrestres. Apesar de. Composição da avifauna, frugivoria e dispersão de sementes por aves em áreas de floresta estacional semidecidual e cerrado, no Parque Estadual de Porto. 11 mar. Os objetivos deste trabalho foram (1) comparar a frugivoria e a dispersão de sementes por aves frugívoras entre espécies de Ficus.

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All the contents of this journal, except where ffrugivoria noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Para Batalha et al.

Results suggest that the dispersion of the ornitochorous fruits would be related to the process of fragmentation, but small fragments are used by birds as feeding sites, which confers them a high conservation value. A reserva possui frugiforia, localizada a cerca de 8 km do centro urbano. Revista do Instituto Florestalv.

Keystone plant resources inthe tropical forests. Determinants of seed disperser effectiveness: Journal of Ecology Elaenia as a fruit consumer and seed disperser.

Journal of Arid Environments Potencial consequences of extinction of frugivorous birds for shrubs of tropical wet forest.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Accumulated survival of fruits for: Morro do Diabo State Park Satellite image of the central Argentina region, where the study sites are indicated. Neotropical Ornithological Monographsfrugivofia. Forest fragmentation severs mutualism between seed dispersers and an endemic African tree. A Celtis ehrenbergiana and B Rivina humilis at forest fragments and continuous sites of Chaco forest.


We counted the fruits in focal plants once a week during two month.

Frugivoria de Ficus (Moraceae) por aves em paisagens com diferentes níveis de fragmentação

Atlantic Forest; bird-plant interaction; fruit consumption. Fig trees bearing green-fruited and medium or large figs were consumed by a great diversity of birds, but showed a dominance of only one species over the others on the fruit removal. FSP in the exotic bush was lower than in the native bush species. Revista Brasileira de Biologiav. From seed production to seedling establishment: Rodrigues e Silva et al. Fragmentation reduced fruit removal and seed dispersal of F.

Sorry, but Javascript is not enabled in your browser! Fruit eating by birds in a forest fragment in southeastern Brazil. Acta Botanica Brasilica, v. While still play an important role in maintaining the biodiversity of the State, there is a lack of information on bird communities in this region.

Por otro lado, algunos estudios muestran que los movimientos de aves son mayores dentro de bosques continuos que entre fragmentos Van Houtan et al. Spatial patterns of seed dispersal, their determinants and consequences for recruitment.

The role of animal seed dispersal in accelerating native forest regeneration on degraded tropical lands. Aves consumindo frutos – Considerando os complexos de Elaenia spp. Casilla Valdivia – Chile Tel.: Acta Botanica Brasilicav.

Frugivory by birds in cerrado in the city of Uberlândia, Minas Gerais

Frugivoria por aves em Schinus terebinthifolius Anacardiaceae e Myrsine coriacea Myrsinaceae. Effects of frugivpria fragmentation, anthropogenic edges and fruit colour on the consumption of ornithocoric fruits.


Brazilian Journal of Biologyv. Revista Brasileira de Ornitologiav. The names of the main cities are included as a reference. Vertebrate dispersal syndromes along the Atlantic forest: The FSP for the plant community showed statistically significant differences between small fragments and continuous sites.

Plant reproductive susceptibility to habitat fragmentation: Zanthoxylum coco Gillies ex Hook. The frugvoria upon other Ficus species remains to be tested. How to cite this article.

Dispersal of Amazonian birds in continuous and fragmented forest. Theory and its application in a changing world. FSP was lower in continuous forests than in small fragments.

Asymmetrical pattern was found in the interactions in which few species are responsible for most interactions. The American Frugivoirav. Dispersal modes and fruiting periods in hyperseasonal and seasonal savannas, central Brazil.

Services on Demand Journal. How to cite this article. Frugivory by Elaenia flycatchers. Services on Demand Journal.

Even if this Ficus community as a whole does not seem to interact with birds, it remains relevant, though, to test whether F.