Such is the overarching premise of the Berserker series of books, by Fred Saberhagen; the first of these, simply titled Berserker, I finished. Berserker (Saberhagen’s Berserker Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by Fred Saberhagen. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or . Berserker man [Fred Saberhagen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For countless millennia the dreadful Berserker fleets have ranged.

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Saberhaben to Read saving…. They had two sons and a daughter. It takes talent to achieve epic proportions without epic saberhgaen of prose, and Saberhagen’s is genuine, rare, and astounding in its own right. To ask other readers questions about The Berserker Throneplease sign up.

Though, it should be noted, not every human in the stories honorably acquits themselves. That said, there are one or two sequences that remind of dare I say it?

A couple of great sentences in this story, but overall, fairly stock science fiction. This is a straight up comedy story set in the world of the Berserkers. This review is quite a bit past due. Old school sci fi novel. I suspect this kind of thing is an acquired taste and may not appeal to everybody.

Berserker: Blue Death (Berserker, #8) by Fred Saberhagen

One might think that a legion of genocidal war machines that turned on their creators would have saberhgen the original impetus for the stories, but it turns out that Saberhagen first conceived of the concept as a way to tell a story about a protagonist struggling to find a way to fake artificial intelligence to fool an enemy — basically a story about a Turing test.

I like stuff that’s intricate and pulls you into a world. Homo sapiensreferred to as “Earth-descended” or “ED” Humans, or as “Solarians”, is the only sentient species aggressive enough to counter Berserkers. Gripping story, superb plot twists and very original ideas. Ultimately, the elements at play here are intriguing, watching a man who is glorified as the savior of mankind lead an offensive against the massed Berserker fleet was GREAT to finally see – humanity being proactive, and sagerhagen felt like something that came at just the right time, as 4 short stories in, you wonder if the Berserkers have any effect other than one at a time.


They have one purpose: And one strange child, half human and half machine, may be humanity’s only hope – or its final destroyer. More updates will be coming along as soon as I finish applying to graduate schools, mid Dec.

The Berserker Throne

He also finds an ancient berserker code. It’s not great as a standalone because Saberhagen leaves out many details about the ultimate enemy of mankind, the Berserkers. I’ve just posted a short reflective piece of non-fiction by Fred Saberhagen from entitled “The Berserker Series. Until, that is, he makes a surprising discovery: A new weapon, Lancelot, is formed. They saberhagfn one purpose: Quotes from The Berserker Throne.

The characters are realistic.

Berserker Man (Berserker, #4) by Fred Saberhagen

I bought Berserker Man on a whim, without any idea it was part of a larger series and having never heard of Saberhagen, and I came away so enamoured with the story that I hope I can pick up some others in the series. Kevin Schartz rated it liked it Nov 07, For those of you who still want to read this novel, I hope you find it more enjoyable that I did.

The most common Berserkers are large spherical interstellar spacecraft, heavily armed and armored, equipped with self-replicating factories, and capable of producing numerous scout craft, foot soldiers, and other weapons of war.

The first few are interesting as puzzle stories, but overall they do not hold up well today. From there, the berserker machines evolved into one of science fiction’s scariest and most durable bad guys, all the more so because they are not actually evil, but just machines following their programming.

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It’s a world that lingers. They are odd monsters. To view it, click here. I swear, every story but the first one has been terrific, and this collection doesn’t disappoint.

Perhaps in thi… More. Since then they have wandered, annihilating sentient life until now, when humanity has emerged and spread into the galaxy.

Mr Beard rated it really liked it Nov 07, A decade and change later, I did, and let me tell you, I am so glad that I picked this book up.

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The woman are largely passive objects in the stories to be fought over and won. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Some of the connecting stories are weaker and, while we are provided many smaller concluding arcs, the longer arc of the collection never really delivers a solid conclusion, though Saberhagen aims for one. I saw the word “Beserker” and read a synopsis or two and dismissed it as dumb. So stop by your local independent book store and grab a copy of the latest in the Berserker saga!

Aug 13, Samuel Lubell rated it it was ok Shelves: I was curious to see how they’d do as an audio book. The story is great as it covers the idea of brainwashing and the nature of nurture on mortal enemies, exploring the idea of opposing sides without knowing they’re on opposing sides.

And I loved it. Saberhagen died of cancer, in Albuquerque, New Mexico Saberhagen was Fred Saberhagen was an American science fiction and fantasy author most famous for his ”Beserker” and Dracula stories. The epilogue you can skip.