or, The Constellations by Frances Rolleston. Philologos Religious Online Books Previous | Contents | Next. Mazzaroth [Frances Rolleston] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers . Mazzaroth: Or, the Constellations (By F. Rolleston). [Followed [Followed By] Mizraim; Or, Astronomy of Egypt by Frances Rolleston (). by Frances .

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So the innocence of the lamb suited with the holiness of the Saviour; so the force of the lion, His all-subduing power.

Lyra, the eagle holding the harp; the triumph. At age 67 Frances ended her work with infant schools and relocated to Keswick where she gave herself in earnest rolleton organizing and printing her notes for Mazzaroth.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The Band, uniting the Church before and after the first coming of the Lord. Eridanus, the river; converted nations under the type of water. The English reader will find the meanings here assigned to the names in the corresponding texts to which references are given. Bailly says, “The Persians in their books assert, that in remote periods four stars were so placed as to form the four colures.

The changeable Star in the Head. Mentioned in the book of Job, the Mazzaroth is generally believed to be the signs franxes zodiac.

Eleanor rated it really liked it Dec 21, Jim rated it really liked it Feb 25, Frances aligned herself with the group—for anti-slavery and education of the poor—sharing in both its adulation and ridicule.

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Arabic, Al Hamal, the sheep, gentle, merciful. That now in use is as we have it from Ptolemy. She would learn to read hieroglyphs fifty years later, but now as a student of astronomy she was asking herself this question: Hebrew name, Taleh, the lamb. Some of these stars are reckoned twice over, as El Nath, once in the horn of Taurus, again in the heel of Auriga, thus determining their connexion.


Ara, the altar of the completed sacrifice. Jones considers all the early nations possessed. Sagitta, the arrow of slaying. Low to High Price: See Moses Stuart’s Grammar. The tables are also intended to show the marks of design in the arrangement and correspondence of the names and figures, and the adaptation of the decans to the signs, as developing the leading ideas of those signs which they accompany.

A figure of Osiris, or the sun, standing on the figure of Capricorn, would seem intended to show that the precession of the equinoxes had removed the solstice thither. The Jews as in the Targum of Jonathan call him the great scribe, and say that he was the first who composed books of astronomy. Astronomy is found highly cultivated in Egypt in the very earliest times of its history.

Asterisks in the first column mark where the word existing as the name occurs in the Hebrew prophecy where the figure is used. High to Low Avg. The Cross, the finishing of the work of redemption.

Miss Frances Rolleston (1781-1864)

Coma, the desired, the infant held by the woman; the seed. Bootes, the coming of the Branch as the guardian of the flock.

The ancient translations, as if by tradition, refer all these names to stars, but seem quite uncertain as to what stars they mean. Mazzaroth, Mazzaroth, Mazzaroth, Lucifer. If God created the heavens for his own glory, as the Francez say, why is the celestial planisphere covered with pagan images of heroes, gods and goddesses? Already a linguist—a gift found elsewhere in the Rolleston family—Frances traced those names and meanings back to their earliest use.


The simple and rplleston explanations obtained in this manner often widely differ from those derived in other ways.

Philologos | Mazzaroth by Frances Rolleston

The annexed tables are intended to show that the meanings attributed to the ancient names of the signs, constellations, and stars, are really to be found in them, the proof being sought in the use of those words or their roots in the Hebrew Scriptures, and other Oriental dialects. Laura is currently reading it Mar 09, The Chinese, and other ancient rrolleston who began their year from Aquarius, still reckoned Aries the first of the signs: Coptic, Tametouris Ammon, reign of Ammon.

The names are here explained on the supposition that the first rollewton was given by the Creator to the first man, conveying ideas to the mind by sounds, as impressions of form and colour are conveyed by sight.

Humboldt adds, “These four, called royal stars, are celebrated throughout Asia. No trivia or quizzes yet. They were from of old, ancient even when spoken of in this most ancient record. Michael ffrances it as to-read Oct 27,