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Exemplum; or, Example Luke Where there are more than two series of subjects, either consisting of two members each Ps.

Dennis rated it really liked it Dec 30, Would you like to bulliger us about a lower price? Thayer’s Greek Lexicon, 3. When used skillfully, they are a higher level of communication than just a strict literal language. Where the omitted word is to be supplied from analogous or related words Gen. Hys’-ter-e-sis; or, Subsequent Narration Genesis Ep’-an-a-di-plo’-sis ; or, Encircling Gen.

An’-a-co-lu’-thon; or, Non-Sequence Genesis A belittleing of one thing to magnify another. Where a concluding sentence is added by way of increasing the emphasis. Syn-ec’-do-che ; or, Transfer The exchange of one idea for another associated idea. Representation of objects or actions by words.

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Mei-o’-sis; or a Belittleing Genesis Read more Read less. A whole clause in a connected passage Gen.

Figures of speech used in the Bible: E. W Bullinger: : Books

Where the sense originally intended is preserved, though the words may vary Matt. Repeated Epanadiplosis see above. An-a’-stro-phe ; or, Arraignment Acts 7: An implied resemblance or representation. Used when the sayings and etc. Ascribing to God what belongs to human and rational fivures, irrational creatures, or inanimate things.

Christ is not a lion, but is set along side one for comparison. This page is about the figurative aspect of scripture and Dr. Mes-ar-chi’-a ; or, Beginning and Middle Repetition Ecclesiastes 1: The repetition of words similar in sound, but different in language.

He wrote ten books and numerous booklets. Ep-i’-the-ton; or, Epithet Genesis His book is not an easy read, but I’m okay with that, too, since effort is usually required to harvest some of the greater treasures in life.

The expression of feeling or emotion. An expression of feeling by way of prayer,curse, or imprecation. The usual conjunction is omitted, so that the point to be emphasised may be quickly reached and ended with an emphatic climax compare to Polysyndeton, and Luke Zeug’-ma ; or, Unequal Yoke When one verb is yoked on to figurfs subjects, while grammatically a second verb is required.


The fact is, the Bible is full of over different types of figures of speech. Nouns and pronouns Genesis 9: When the cause is put for the effect Genesis So named because it is an apparent or assumed refusal. The repetition of inflections similar in sound. The repetition of the same word at the beginning of successive sentences.

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Par’-ae-net’-ic-on; or, Exhortation 1Timothy 2. Idiomatic degrees of comparison Luke An explanation immediately following a statement to make it more clear. Ho-moe-o-pro’-pher-on; or, Alliteration Judges 5. When what has been said is briefly summed up.