Final Fantasy VIII walkthrough and strategy guide including side quests, Limit Breaks, Guardian Forces, magic juntioning tips and Triple Triad cards game guide. I’m looking for a written guide dedicated to a % run(all gf, cards, limit breaks, items, etc). I’m already aware of speed runs on youtube but. Full game walkthrough with focus on picking up all steam achievements for the game.

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The elevator will take you to the 1st storey of the building and there is a short sequence where Squall will explain to the girl about the locations and their purpose which is also for your own benefit:.

Speak to her, and she pulls out her handy tutorial on walkthtough GFs. When she finishes, approach the garden faculty and speak with them.

Final Fantasy VIII FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PC – GameFAQs

Now for another way to procrastinate on that first SeeD mission. Follow the ring counterclockwise up and to the left to the next screen. As Squall, follow Caraway through the city again. Follow the rails to the right until you reach the next screen with the save point.

Head for the northern Centra continent. Head to Mandy Beach, just east of Timber.

Visit the shop on the left and grab 3 tents or something, effectively stealing Gil from Laguna’s wallet and placing it into Squall’s Item inventory. Draw from it, then, examine the lever on the right to let the water in. It’s not far from the wrecked Trabia Garden. One of walktyrough achievements requires that Squall be salkthrough his initial level when you finish the game. Drive to Deling City for a gaming pit stop.


Just exchange the unneeded ones off to characters not in your party Irvine, Quistis, Selphie.

Now head to the beach. At this point, you’ve kept him waiting long enough. Walk into the room on the right. Check out the Anarchist Monthly clipping on the board at the top right of the room.

If you can draw from tf8 Sleep draw point again, do so. Go east, use a beach to reach the water and get to the next continent, at the north of which is a lot of forest surrounding Chocobo Sanctuary.

As you pass the East Academy stop, you will come across a body of water with a peninsula sticking out into it on the opposite side from which you are standing. Walk back upward two screens. Take the boxes over the car and head left along the edge to the next screen.

Then follow the bottom track to the right to get to the next screen. Return to Zell’s house and challenge Zell’s mother to a card game. Blizzard, Thunder, and Fire. Walk up to approach the statue of Laguna. Go up the stairs next to the corpse, into the red-carpeted hallway, exiting down to the next screen for a boss fight.

If you get into a fight with anything else, or with more than one Grat, just run walkthruogh and try again. Use the screenshots below to help guide your usage of the Ziner.

Squall says “Hmm” so go ahead and examine them to claim the wind stone. Walk up and enter the structure.


When asked to check outside, choose “ok” and proceed down and to the right to head into another cutscene. Another scene is triggered which transitions into your exam score, which should have been about 5.

Once engaged with a single Grat, do no damage.


As Selphie, now that you are on the world map, save your game! Choose “Force your way in. The first battle is a scripted non-boss battle, so you need to use Breaks to end it without picking up EXP.

This may take an hour or more. Approach the soldier guarding the path to the left twice. When you finally win the Quistis Card, exit down. Climb the boxes using the action button onto the car and over to the ledge. When free again, return to your table. Page 19 Galbadia Garden. Buy a train ticket and hop aboard. Run away from all battles in this dream world. Test Your Might – Mortal Kombat! This resulted in many players attempting to limit the amount of magic they used and focusing on attacks.

Walkthrough:Final Fantasy VIII/Paramina

Configure Shiva to learn Str-J. Enjoy some more dialogue. You can flee from anything you run into. The following fight may result in Game Over and require you to make another attempt.

This time it’s two bombs. Speak to the owner on the stairs.