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The Ideal Beauty Size Is 0, flawless skin, perfect hair, perfect teeth, etc. Mar 17, Arda rated it liked it.

L’harem E L’occidente by Fatema Mernissi 9788809047754

Sometimes Mermissi felt like the plot line got off track and didn’t follow the main point, and therefore seemed a little boring at times. Le cinquantuno parole dell’amore.

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Differnt Cultures, Different Harems, is the account of author Fatema Mernissi’s search for an explanation as to why there is such a divide in the Eastern and Western understanding of the harem.

Now, in Scheherazade Merniesi West, Mernissi reveals her unique experiences as a liberated, independent Moroccan woman faced with the peculiarities and unexpected encroachments of Western culture. This of course contrasts the western harem were intelligence is seen as a merniissi to beauty. Charles Ogle – – Classical World: And that oral heritage has been a record for a lot of traditions that has a very powerful effect As Mernissi mentioned in her work: She plays the role of the slightly naive visitor trying to ask why Western artists and authors insist on portraying the women hzren Turkish and Arab harems as silent, yet habitually unclad.

This book is a study of the West’s perception of the Middle East, and how that perception brings into sharper focus Western values. Scheherazade Goes West was a bit of a slow read but nonetheless informative and interesting. Sep 22, GhaDeeR rated it really liked it.


The objective is identical in both fatemma L’amore nell’Islam dal Medioevo al digitale: Even the dancing and provocative representation of Scheherazade in Arabian Nightsseen during a stay in Germany, is only a bad copy of the value of the original character, since this legendary and mythological figure supposedly constructed her web on intellectual and cerebral challenge to obtain the pardon of the Persian king Shahriyar ….

Interact Link to us Feedback Mailing lists. Visions and artistic interpretations strangely embedding these characteristics, common to paintings by Ingress,Matisse,Delacroix or Picasso which remind of women devoid of morality and always ready to satisfy every possible requirement of the male applicant.

Approximate Truth and Confirmation. In other words women of the Muslim harems are not subservient sex slaves, rather the woman yaren an active part in the sexual male vs female dichotomy were intelligence is both expected and necessary.

Eastern families are mostly conservative that they live in a suppressive way which makes them become less self-confident and serious towards veiling their women when they grow up. L’amore nell’Islam dal Medioevo al digitale:. Her conclusions, in particular in regards to what a Western is, are interesting. Sometimes I felt like the plot line got off track and didn’t follow the main point, and therefore se 3. She plays the role of the slightly naive visitor trying to ask why Western artists and authors insist on portraying the women of Turkish and Arab harems as silent, yet habitually uncl I wasn’t sure what to make of this at fateam, but I rather like it.

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meenissi She then move to another point which is Western representations of Scheherazade in ballet, Hollywood movies and paintings No keywords specified fix it. Jul 13, Abdullah Mo added it. Open Preview See a Problem? Mernissi illustrates the sharp contrast of the western and eastern harems the western harem being one of ideology rather than physical presence while also analyzing the differing sexual attitudes, depiction, and behaviors of the west and the east.

She’s a sociologist and a great storyteller – taking after Scheherazade herself.


El harén en Occidente – Fatema Mernissi, Ines Belaustegui • BookLikes (ISBN)

Men act like observers and they consider women as useless objects that they can enjoy looking at whenever they like. As they recognize their uncontrollable force For example, she spends a lot of time exploring the Western man’s obsession and fantasy of the harem.

Mernissi discovers through conversations with Western colleagues and friends that the Western idea of the harem is one where women are silent, uneducated,and powerless, whereas her understanding, and as she positions it the understanding of the East, a harem is a place that holds powerful and more often than not educated women.

Dec 28, Chris rated it really liked it Shelves: And what does this tell us about the differences in gender relations in different places? Less freedom is given to men in what concerns women, with the emergence of the feminine movements that enabled women to speak out and rely less on men. If beauty is to be unintelligent and subservient then woman are denied or fatrma from certain subjects and activities e. She received her primary education in a school established by the nationalist movement, and secondary level education in an all-girls school funded by the French protectorate.

They have often encountered difficulties in training, travelling and trading their work, and gaining recognition. But someone who can figure out so much about Western culture from the fafema can probably make eq Excellent analysis of how Muslim and Western men view women specifically harem women, but also women in general.

Our society is marked by the supremacy of the father in the clan or family, the legal dependence of wives and children, and the reckoning of descent and inheritance in the male line is unbelievable.