View and Download Roland Fantom X6 user manual online. Roland Fantom X6: User Guide. Fantom X6 Electronic Keyboard pdf manual download. Also for. View and Download Roland Fantom-X6 owner’s manual online. Roland Owner’s Manual CD Player Fantom-X6, Fantom-X7, Fantom-X8. Fantom-X6 Electronic. This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the FANTOM-X6 from Roland Corporation.

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Creating A Set Of Sounds For Use In A Live Concert Creating a set of sounds for use in a live concert The Fantom-X provides a live setting function that lets you list your most frequently used patches, performances, and songs, and register these sounds so that you can step through them when playing a live concert. Cutoff V-Sens Cutoff Velocity Sensitivity Use this parameter when changing the cutoff frequency to be applied as a result of changes in playing cantom.

I manuql to download this manual as PDF file for my phone.


Editing Songs Deleting Unwanted Measures Delete This function deletes a specified area of sequencer data, and moves the subsequent data to fill the gap. When, for example, there are relatively few voices being sounded, boosting the fxntom gain can let you attain the most suitable output level for recording and other purposes.

Making a piano sound harder or softer By adjusting manial release or brilliance, you can make a piano sound sit better in your mix, or make it more responsive to your playing.

If you press [F7 All On ], all of the sequencer data will be recorded. You can set the shift range upwards or downwards up to three octaves up or down. The screen lets you specify the key range of fantomm part. Modifying the Sound in Real Time Resonance Emphasizes the portion of the sound in the region of the cutoff frequency, adding character to the sound. Parameter List Startup Group P.


Using the internal sounds to create the rhythm Using the pads to input notes one by one Another way to use the pads is to input notes one by one as if you were writing notes on a sheet of staff paper. To listen to these demo songs, xx6 to p. Use detune and chorus Chorus is extremely common to hear these effects applied to electric instruments.

Roland Corporation – FANTOM-X6 – Owner’s Manual

Specifications Chord Memory Preset: For details on how you can use your computer to copy a file into the user area or memory card, refer to p. This setting makes it easier for children, whose hands have less strength. By using MIDI to connect two or more V-LINK compatible devices, fanhom can easily enjoy performing a wide range of visual effects that are linked to the expressive elements of a manial performance.

Page Troubleshooting The sound is interrupted. Fantom x8Fantom x7. Calle Summary of the content on the page No. Starting gantom the song of step 1.

Creating a Performance [F4 Offset ] fig. Before you begin this procedure, put the sound generator in Performance mode. The sound of the external input will not be heard. Select the rhythm set that you wish to play. The Create Rhythm window will appear.

Roland Fantom X6 User Manual

About The Function Buttons Overview of the Fantom-X About the Function Buttons The eight [F1]—[F8] buttons function buttons located below fanto, display execute various functions, and their operation will differ depending on the screen. This function is useful when you play transposed instruments such as trumpet or clarinet following a printed score.

Editing Sequencer Data Manial Procedure in the Microscope Access the Microscope screen when you want to view the sequencer data recorded in a song. In this state, pads 9—16 fxntom play patterns. Creating a Patch Resonance Offset Resonance Offset alters the resonance of the overall patch, while preserving the relative differences between the resonance values set for each tone in the Resonance parameter p.


Using Fantm Pads To Play Sampled Sounds Using the pads to play sampled sounds Sounds samples that you record can be played from the pads or the keyboard. However if the pad velocity setting of each pad is set to other than Common, those settings will be used.

Playing in Patch Mode Page Index Card File It can be used for tempo changes during a song.

Roland Fantom-X6 Owner’s Manual

Page 6 Contents Creating songs on the Fantom-X Adjust the cutoff To produce a smooth sound, lower the cutoff setting to make the sound more mellow. You can play the sample at different pitches in the same way as an ordinary patch.

The fanyom are the same in Performance mode. Playing in Performance Mode A performance contains settings that apply to each individual part, such as the patch rhythm set assigned to each part, and its volume and pan. Creating a Performance Selecting the Parameter Controlled by the Realtime Controllers or D Beam Controller Manal Setting The Fantom-X lets you assign the parameters that will be affected when you operate the realtime control knobs, assignable switches, D Beam, pitch bend, or modulation lever.

If manial indicator is lit, press the button below the indicators a number of times until it goes out. Unloading a Sample Unload In the Sample Edit screen you can press [F1 Unload ] to unload the currently selected sample and return to the previous screen.