Bmw F30 d Retrofit: PPK performance power kit, new engine ecu fitted and programmed.

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F80 M3 Join Date: It will be nice to have that peace of mind for a change. Should have gone for the tuning box option which is easily removed and most of whom do a refund if you’re not satisfied. Originally Posted by TodmordenLad Should be a small metal M Performance plaque on the engine cover and a yellow sticker on top of the radiator to say that the larger intercooler has been joined to bottom of radiator with ppj or something like that If in doubt, check with any BMW dealer and they will confirm whether your car has had the upgrade using chassis number as only BMW can supply and install the MPPK As for mileage, anything over 40mpg is a bonus, IMO.

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Anyway, the kit adds almost no power and is a complete load of bs. Originally Posted by dd Very nice. Well, these figures are conservative, as they often are from BMW.

BMW M Performance Power Kit for F30 i Review – autoevolution

The parts and service guys are friendly, professional and knowledgeable so more than happy to recommend the dealership. Makes you wonder whether they had really dulled the throttle in Comfort to get better fuel figures. Page 1 of 5. I’m f330 managing 40mpg on my commute whereas my E90 d with no map was up at 45mpg – according to the onboard trip computers.


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What gear are you supposed to dyno on, on the 8 spd? For example in the comfort setting there is a change, it’s as it was before f330 PPK when driving normally but when I go for an overtake the urgency of the gearbox and engine is instant, it’s almost like it’s switched to a sport setting if that makes sense.

Originally Posted by NeilT. Has Tesla Outgrown Its Maker? I really couldn’t recommend this upgrade.

BMW i M Performance Power Kit (PPK) Dynos at bhp / lb-ft

What did I do in the end? Originally Posted c30 b1gandy Glad it all went well for you. Is Tesla Model 3 the Safety Queen? I’ll prob still get another tune in the future lol. Find More Posts by DangerousTacos. With the gearbox in Normal, there are no obvious clues, although the engine does feel smoother and sounds quieter above 60mph. Originally Posted by TodmordenLad B1gandy – did you notice your mileage till next service in your g30 service indicator plummet after your PPK was installed?

I used to have a Vauxhall Astra bhp with tuning box which took it to bhp and although it wasn’t crazy power it was the throttle response that made the difference of delivering t30 power as and when required. Originally Posted by tdizzle.

BMW M Performance Power Kit for F30 335i Review

Find More Posts by tdizzle. Originally Posted by Wallaced. The time now is The new power levels will definitely not turn your car into an M3. I get 42 on a mixed cycle, with some long journeys thrown in. Originally Posted by NeilT This is interesting, and in some ways I am glad I am having the PPK fitted prior to delivery, which is this Saturday so I cant be disapointed by any negative impact ppl may have. Find More Posts by krnnerdboy.


According to BMW, it’s supposed to be “emotionally enticing” and completely change the way you perceive your car. Should have posted this a month ppj.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio. First of all, the installation will take several hours. With the gear lever left and the button in sport presented is a huge beautiful linear flow of torque and speed with each gear change nailed in at the top of the revs, it’s super quick but there aren’t many places and opportunities to drive like this too often, saved for a treat. Blimey, I’d be getting that back to dealers pdq.

My previous LCI E91 d felt more responsive in some ways that my current car but not when it is in Sport mode. I would guess the software comes direct from bmw servers in Germany and you are at the mercy of how much demand is placed on them at the time. Find More Posts by SwnSng.