View and Download Ericsson Dialog Operator user manual online. BusinessPhone Communication Platform. Dialog Operator Telephone pdf manual. Welcome to the User Guide for the Dialog Operator /. Dialog in the BusinessPhone Communication Platform from. Ericsson. The BusinessPhone. Dialog Operators support advanced system functions that are required for operator configurations.

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The operator can choose between five languages to be displayed. The display shows the data of the extended call. If the caller has dialed your individual operator number, this number is shown instead of the common number. Manuall Secure with screws and install stand. Using the following methods, the operator can provide the requested service: Aastra Mobility gives you the freedom to move. See section Serial calls on page Page To access the paging capabilities.

If the Mailbox contains heard messages only, the lamp shows steady light instead.

The extension must have access to this function. Wall Mounting Handset Hook Use a screwdriver to remove the handset hook. Ericsson is shaping the future of Mobile and Broadband Internet communications through its continuous technology leadership.

Ericsson Dialog 4224 Operator Manuals

Handset And Loudspeaker Volume The main body of the User Guide covers all the operating functions e. Malicious Call Identification If you cannot identify the connected party, your display shows the following information.


When the connected party has activated Number Secrecy number suppressionyour display shows the following information. Diverted Extension This is useful if you have to place an urgent call with or contact an extension that is diverted. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the safe return of faulty or incorrect goods to MF Communications Limited.

Troubleshooting The display is OK when there are no light dot s or line s. Do not use the telephone to report a gas leak in the vicinity of the leak.

The keypad uses a conventional numeric keypad and single access to all traffic handling functions. Only operate with the mains power voltage indicated.

Details to be found at: Change cables To remove a cable, use ericason screwdriver to unlock the stop. Conference Calls Repeat the procedure to add more conference members. Mute To switch the microphone on or off. This method allows the operator to listen to the party that was put on hold. Press to confirm the Password see erjcsson.

Ericsson Dialog Phone

Users also benefit from built-in acoustic. Page 67 Dial the extension number and press. To switch off the ring signal. Install Stands And Adapt Telephone Inform the called party and ask to hold. Can be either digital or analog. The message is shown on the display of the paging receiver.


Expansion Key Panel Notice While reasonable efforts were made to ensure that the information in. You are reconnected to the extension. You can also dial 2 1 to cancel the Diversion U. Forward A Voice Message Inform the caller that you are unable to intrude and that they will have to wait until the extension is free.

You can place or disconnect the call.

See A trunk line is the same as an external line. This way you can make sure that the number has been programmed properly and that the calls will not be diverted to another person by mistake.

Donald Byrd 3 years ago Views: The system shows the accumulated cost since the last reset. The handset may retain small metal objects in the earcap region. Intrusion And Forced Release The extension accepts the call: To turn the terminal on or switch it to Day Service: If the power supply cord or plug is damaged, disconnect the product and contact qualified service personnel.

Keep pressed to erase all the notes. Handset or headset headset is optional.