Solembum told Eragon that when all seemed lost and his power was insufficient, to speak his name to the Rock of Kuthian in order to open the Vault of Souls. Inheritance – Or The Vault Of Souls – Inheritance, Book Four [Christopher Inheritance Cycle 4-Book Trade Paperback Boxed Set (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr. tl;dnr:** The Eldunarí “influenced” Selena and Brom, Eragon’s parents, to fall in love, and for Selena to betray / turn on Morzan and.

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With Inheritance Book 4 around the corner, it appears as though we may finally receive some answers. Brom and Morzan even became good friends.

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Alternatively, is Kuthian the Rock itself? Arya was able to offer the pair little little information. Then the door opens and they all stare into it.

Draws close attention to the Star Wars parallel that runs throughout the series. It’s true that Selena was already seemingly becoming disenchanted with Morzan even before she met Brom, for she gave birth to Murtagh, but Morzan refused to let Selena raise or, fo even see, Murtagh, save for rare occasions. Saphira steps up to the plate next and proudly states her true name. While Anakin was conceived from the Force, his story is very different from that of Eragon’s.

Zouls until that point, Galbatorix had attempted to get the three dragon eggs to hatch, to produce Riders who would be loyal to him, and join him. I wrote my reasoning as to why I think she could’ve recognized him here.


Eragon pulls out his mind from Glaedr to allow him some alone time, but Glaedr decides to show his true name since Eragon and Saphira showed theirs to him. But if the Vault of Souls truly is a collection of Eldunari… where did they all come from, and why were they kept together? He predicted that Eragon would lose his weapon and told him to look under o Menoa tree. Morzan had many enemies, and he knew Brom was coming for him.

So, again, why is there such drama over Solembum lying? This isn’t what you’d expect at all. These questions have been with us since the start of Eragonwhen the werecat prophecy was first delivered to our hero — and readers — in a mysterious way.


We did not always succeed, but we were able to help those who still fought Galbatorix, and as time progressed, we grew more adept and more confident with our tampering. Additionally, I think that Brom becoming if gardener for Morzan was a hasty venture, likely done swiftly after Morzan had probably killed the previous gardener in a rage [or another reason], so Brom might not have had time to effectively prepare for his undercover mission.

Shes also strongly implied to be “cunning, ruthless, and coldly logical”.

As Morzan’s greatest spy and assassin, Selena likely knew all of these things. The digital copy sokls Inheritance that I got a hold of is crap.

Chapter Fifty-Four: The Vault of Souls: antishurtugal

The Elder suggested that Eragon search his collection of scrolls in hopes of discovering more information, though doubted he would find any mention of the Rock. Rule 7 – Write up your theory if you link to an outside source People shouldn’t have to leave the sub to know what your theory is, please include a write up about your idea. He led the Varden for a few years, and then surrendered the position to Weldon in order to pursue his true passion: Du Namar Aurboda, or the Banishing of Names.


Brom, on the other hand, was “blinded by his passion and rage”, and had zero formal training as a spy himself. You’re correct, it does answer several large questions that weren’t already addressed in Inheritance.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Umaroth even states outright, when Eragon asks, “Why didn’t you bring us here sooner?

Evidence makes for a good theory, this will be judged at the discretion of the eragoj. More specifically, I think that they “helped” him by not only helping him kill three of the Forsworn including, I assume, Morzanbut by influencing Selena to turn against Morzan, encourage her to fall in love with Brom, and for Selena to turn from being one of the Varden’s biggest eragom, to one of its greatest allies.

The reader believed that the Rock of Kuthian could be named after an ancient guardian — Kuthian — who rests in wait, guarding the Vault of Souls. Things tend to sparkle in the sunlight.