Although neither author nor recipient is known for certain, the Letter to Diognetus purports to be written by a student of the apostles who calls himself Mathetes. The Epistle of Mathetes to Diognetus is probably the earliest example of Christian apologetics, writings defending Christianity from its accusers. [a.d] The anonymous author of this Epistle gives himself the title (Mathetes) ” a disciple [] of the Apostles,” and I venture to adopt it as his name. It is about.

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Those sections, unfortunately, completely disregard any historical or spiritual connection between Judaism and Christianity, calling most Jewish religion practice “folly. To speak in general terms, we may say that the Christian is to the world what the soul is epistlf the body.

Let any one of you suffer such indignities! The soul is imprisoned in the body, yet preserves that very epistke and Christians are confined in the world as in a prison, and yet they are the preserversof the world. They pass their days on earth, but they are citizens of heaven.

The Epistle of Mathetes to Diognetus

They are poor, yet make many rich; they are in lack of all things, and yet abound in all; they are dishonoured, and yet in their very dishonour are glorified. Help us improve this article! Shaun Dipgnetus rated it it was amazing Aug 15, Are they not without life?

He can, if God willeth it. The immortal soul dwells in a mortal tabernacle; and Christians dwell as sojourners in corruptible [bodies], looking for an incorruptible dwelling in the heavens. Diognets not all these of corruptible matter? For God has loved mankind, on whose account He made the world, to whom He rendered subject all the things diogneths are in it, to whom He gave reason and understanding, to whom alone He imparted the privilege of looking upwards to Himself, whom He formed after His own image, to whom He sent His only-begotten Son, to whom He has promised a kingdom in heaven, and will give it to those who have loved Him.

The invisible soul is guarded by the visible body, and Christians are known indeed to be in the world, but their godliness remains invisible. They pass their days upon earth, but they are citizens of heaven. Clement of Rome, are moral epistles that seek to teach immature or misbehaving Christians how to live the Christian life.


The Apostle, perceiving the force [of this conjunction], and blaming that knowledge which, without true doctrine, is admitted to influence life, declares, Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies. The work survived antiquity in one 13th—14th-century manuscript, which was destroyed by fire in StrasbourgFr.

For which reason He sent the Word, that He might be manifested to the world; and He, being despised by the people [of the Jews ], was, when preached by the Apostles, believed on by the Gentiles. The editor of New Advent is Kevin Knight. Peter Goodgame rated it it was amazing Jan 10, For it is not by ruling over his neighbours, or by seeking to hold the supremacy over those that are weaker, or by being rich, and showing violence towards those that are inferior, that happiness is found; nor can any one by these things become an imitator of God.

And when you have attained this knowledgewith what joy do you think you will be filled? They are in the flesh, but they do not live after the flesh.

The Epistle of Mathetes to Diognetus by Mathetes

Several internal arguments have been brought forward in favour of this opinion. Internet URLs are the best. For, who of men at all understood before His coming what God is?

Excellent example of the faith of the Early Church This ancient work is a great example of the vibrant faith held and defended by the Early church Fathers. I also really liked what he wrote concerning God’s kind loving and non-violent character.

The soul dwells in the body, yet is not of the body; epistpe Christians dwell in the world, yet are not of the world. There was a problem with your submission. Might not these, which are now worshipped by you, again be made by men vessels similar to others?

They love all men, and are persecuted What sets apart Christians from the surrounding culture? He can, if he is willing. Are they not all corruptible?

From a letter to Diognetus: The Christian in the world

Nor truly are those words without significance which are written, how God from the beginning planted the tree of life in the midst of paradise, revealing through knowledge the way to life, and when those who were first formed did not use this [knowledge] properly, they were, through the fraud of the Serpent, stripped naked. Did not the sculptor fashion one of them, the brazier a second, the silversmith a third, and the potter a fourth?

For in this place the tree of knowledge and the tree of life have been planted; but it is not the tree of knowledge that destroys — it is disobedience that proves destructive. Even as the Roman empire hunted down Christians, Christians still added virtue and love to their societies.


Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. The Epistle of Fiognetus to Diognetus is one of the earliest examples of Christian apologetics, and is written to defend Christianity from its accusers.

Epistle to Diognetus

Condemned because they are not understood, they are put to death, but raised to life again. The 13th-century manuscript was damaged in that place and the copies were made only after that damage had already been done. The invisible soul is guarded by the visible body, and Christians are known indeed to be in the world, but their godliness remains invisible.

These things ye call gods; these ye serve; these ye worship; and ye become altogether like to them. Every foreign land is to them as their native country, and every land of their birth as a land of strangers. This is He who, being from everlasting, is to-day called the Son; through whom the Church is enriched, and grace, widely spread, increases in the saints, furnishing understanding, revealing mysteries, announcing times, rejoicing over the faithful, giving On Knowledge without Love but it is not the tree of knowledge that destroys— it is disobedience that proves destructive.

Are they not all deaf? But when our wickedness had reached its height, and it had been clearly shown that its reward, punishment and death, was impending over us; and when the time had come which God had before appointed for manifesting His own kindness and power, how the one love of God, through exceeding regard for men, did not regard us with hatred, nor thrust us away, nor remember our iniquity against us, but showed great long-suffering, and bore with us, He Himself took on Him the burden of our iniquities, He gave His own Son as a ransom for us, the holy One for transgressors, the blameless One for the wicked, the righteous One for the unrighteous, the incorruptible One for the corruptible, the immortal One for them that are mortal.